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  1. Hey I'm buying an account with 91+ runecrafting or very high runecrafting. PM me!
  2. Hey I'm buying an account with 91+ runecrafting or very high runecrafting message me!
  3. To preface, I am not here to complain that certain random events have remained unsolved for the past ~3 weeks. It was inevitable that TRiLeZ would get too busy to put in the time to constantly update the client for every change that Jagex makes to stop us botters. Random events affect every botter, and at the moment we are forced to run the TRiBot client's solver, or disable all client solving. Instead of making random solving an open-source procedure, I propose that within the client, or the script itself, there be an option to disable certain random event solvers, such as: import org.tribot.api2007.Randoms;...Randoms.Genie = {insert Genie solver here.}If there were no Randoms declared, it would simply use the default client solver. The same idea could be implemented within the client interface. [New Button: Randoms] Pull down menu, shows all the random events. Option to set to default or pick new source (script to be ran in case of that specific random). This would allow the community to help the community, in the same way that scripters don't monopolize script ideas, it would make sense that TRiLez allow the community to solve random events in his absence.
  4. Not too familiar with forum rules, but comment on this thread if you support changes to the way random events are currently being handled: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/11096-how-the-tribot-client-handles-random-events/
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