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  1. i meant just remove till its fixed so more people don't lose accounts? And i just did manually in tribot client and i was fine, so its not that.
  2. I have already lost 5 accounts because of it. Please remove so other people are protected from insta bans
  3. i now of a really good place but you need little higher def at least 50-70
  4. i pmed you also looking to buy 10m
  5. Dont use paypal unless you now how to prevent charge backs.
  6. congrats man still i learned my lesson botting fletching. Getting the supplies is a pain and getting banned is like a 10m loss
  7. I don't now why but it won't withdraw food from the bank anymore?
  8. No baby sitting doesn't decrease your chances of bans. Multiple times i have seen my accounts dc and get the ban hammer
  9. Ur still botting comics dam. I remember you were doing these over the summer.
  10. I think they are starting to monitor these a little more ran 2 weeks straight no problems but had 2 accounts banned in last 2 days
  11. Its really cheap compared to the amount you can make from it. He could easily charge more
  12. Thank You very much
  13. any eta on when it will be fixed?
  14. plz fix lots of scripts are broken