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    Well, I'm a Brit who's been involved with TRiBot for many years.

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  1. I'm somewhat happy with the way I am. I use to go to the gym 4-5 times a week but since starting full time work as made that go completely. Luckily I'm blessed with a fast metabolism so I can somewhat eat what I want for now. All in all I'm okay with my body. But I'd like to get back to training soon... Matt

    He's been banned on about 12 accounts.
  3. I think you've made your point buddy. Anymore will count as spam posting.
  4. It does seem off that the skype first posted (now edited) was the same to one on a banned user.
  5. Human Mouse Implementation

    The feature is for VIP-E only. Or you'll have to send post your own mouse data.
  6. Account loan [Please close if not allowed]

    I've seen other scripters asking if they can borrow accounts before.
  7. 260GB of old random event recordings

    That useful to know. Thanks.
  8. Closed until I have proof of change.
  9. Playing legit and botting at the same time

    They would of most likely viewed this as a user beginning to start a farm up. So they knocked it on its head.
  10. Hello, im craig.

    Welcome Sir
  11. How Old Is TRIBOT

    The openGL portion of tribot was near enough done . It was just small bugs that were being fixed. But out came EOC and RS3 which brought it down again.