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    Well, I'm a Brit who's been involved with TRiBot for many years.

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  1. Mat

    Human Mouse Implementation

    The feature is for VIP-E only. Or you'll have to send post your own mouse data.
  2. Mat

    Credits Through Paypal

    Not that I'm aware. Let me speak to trilez.
  3. I do have a runespan bot for low level and high level but I'm iffy about releasing it publicly.
  4. Mat

    Paying for rs3 pm advertising bot

    What exactly are you going to be spamming to the user's ?
  5. I replied to a comment a long time ago about this. It to do with all of the calculations that has to happen for the opengl model hooking if I recall correctly. Its something you can't really get rid of.
  6. Mat

    RS3 Essence Miner

    I have done something very similar to this for my scripts.
  7. Mat

    AIO PickPockets

    As he has changed his post saying hes stopped working it on. You'd expect it not to work. Mat Closed until requested to be reopened.
  8. Mat

    Banned what do i do..

    Well if 3 accounts got banned then you decided to go and bot another account in a similar fashion I personally expect a ban.
  9. Mat

    Account Checker Script

    Its possible but its basically making a script to hack accounts which is totally against the rules. Closed.
  10. Mat

    RS3 Essence Miner

    bloody hell. That was unexpected RS3 will return
  11. Mat

    ABCL 10?

    This is true I've had to make a lot of work arounds to fix these issues.
  12. Mat

    ABCL 10?

    For me I have yet to incur any bans on my accounts with out it. But I am using my own scripts.
  13. Mat

    RS3 LRC Fishing Beta Release

  14. Mat

    RS3 LRC Fishing Beta Release

    Sadly this looks like a dead script.