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    Well, I'm a Brit who's been involved with TRiBot for many years.

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  1. One person might find this deeply amusing but others may find it deeply offensive. In future keep this off Tribot. Matt
  2. Please do not post on threads like it. It isn't helpful. If you have an issue please post in on the Scripts own thread. Matt @killjoyer
  3. The website has been down for a fair chunk of the day. Anyone who understand the basics of the internet and websites can figure is a site is getting hit or not.
  4. People lose their ranks for many reasons. Not all for bad reasons.
  5. @www Don't snap at members who are trying to give you information. Oh and Less offensive language or you'll start to incur warning points.
  6. When was the last time you used it?
  7. @Druid do you know any reason for its removal?
  8. This is gone way out of hand, and has become a slagging match. If you have an issue with the user or you've been scammed make a scam report. Matt
  9. Sorry No offsite advertisement allowed on tribot. Matt Closed.
  10. I'm somewhat happy with the way I am. I use to go to the gym 4-5 times a week but since starting full time work as made that go completely. Luckily I'm blessed with a fast metabolism so I can somewhat eat what I want for now. All in all I'm okay with my body. But I'd like to get back to training soon... Matt
  11. Can you provide a link to the scam report / dispute on osbot? Matt
  12. Okay let me cheers