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  1. Also is there any additives I download to help with anti-ban? Like when my chicken killing bot was started up at the bottom it said something along the lines of mouse movements not starting up or something like that, is there anything I download to make it more lifelike?
  2. I've used two different chicken killing bots, a cow killing bot, 2 flesh crawler killing bots, and a few other combat bots all resulting in bans, do you think it's just these specific combat scripts getting banned?
  3. So i've started about eight different accounts, all of them doing different things and using different tactics to make them different from the others, and every one of them has gotten banned. Is it because Jagex is watching my ip for this computer and I need to use an ip changer, or is it something else that i'm missing? What are ways to avoid getting banned because my characters make it to about 8 hours botting (spread out over multiple days) and almost always are banned when I wake up and try to long on the third or fourth day.
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