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  1. yeah i am having the issue with it running north from ardy...it usually gets stuck by some wolfes and an agility crossing headed towards rock crabs..itll bank and go back to location 2 or 3 times then it messes up and just keeps walking north..getting stuck there..logging in and out
  2. also having issues with it not clicking on an object and just walking north for no reason..i sent a video to assume on my entire setup..so hopefully i can get some answers
  3. I am guessing rs updated sometime this morning, so it could not log back in..thats 59 hrs
  4. well at the point on the map where i start the script, i can see every mob there (i place myself in the center)..i load the id's etc..but once it gets to a mob thats way at the end of the radius..it can't see the others..and just stands there idle until one spawns nearby
  5. add the ability to get to the gui to change those settings after the script has already started? like if i wanted to lessen the radius it kills/change food etc..without having to redo the entire logic also, is there a way to make it so it roams in the radius for mobs? it only attacks them if they are on the minimap (so if the mob it runs to attack is at the very top of the radius..it kills that..then it can't see the mobs at the lower part of the radius)
  6. this thing is extremely buggy..it has no fail safes..and gets stuck a lot..i asked for a refund...but I got "denied" by Assume..even though they clearly did not state in thread the rule of no refunds..
  7. i got the script loader, but i keep getting an error "a java exception has occured" how do i run this script? sorry never used anything like this before..
  8. scured

    Air RuneCrafter

    also, when it had random event items in the inventory..it wont do anything but stand there moving mouse over them the entire time..i had coins and an uncut ruby in my inventory
  9. scured

    Air RuneCrafter

    don't know how, but i put this on this morning, and when i came back, i was dead in lumby..and i looked at log it was just constantly logging in and out. can you make it so if you die..the script ends..or a deathwalk or something
  10. i'm getting a lot of erratic mouse movements. Constantly going from clicking a mob to moving the mouse back below the auto retaliate button. its still playing the game..but the mouse moving back and forth across the screen and superhuman speeds doesn't seem normal to me.
  11. scured


    yeah script works really good..only thing is with mobs that walk fast..has a hard time trying to click them (like the skeletons east of drags in wild)
  12. scured


    can you make it so it logs out if you dont have enough food? it ran out of food for me and kept fighting till it died..
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