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  1. It's due to the inferno update, it's changed the login screen so the client doesn't log in anymore, obviously this is more of a problem for this script compared to others as this script is constantly logging in/out.
  2. I'm telling you right now, you need to adjust your list. If you have a small list with items that aren't profitable it's not going to waste money trying to merch them so the cash will just sit there. There's nothing wrong with this script, it's working fine.
  3. Just duplicate your current list into a new one and untick the buy option on each item, then run the script with this list.
  4. Just had two accounts banned, on both I came back and they were spamming the hop world button so I transferred the cash on them, within 6 hours they were banned :/ is this a tribot issue or a script issue?
  5. Everything's still running smooth for me, by far the best script I've ever used for Runescape. When Tau GE v2 comes out will it be an update to this script or will it be a completely new one we will need to re-purchase? Will our current lifetime auths carry over to Tau GE v2 when it's released?
  6. Anybody got any helpful tips for not getting banned while using this script?
  7. Everyone's struggling at the moment, the combination of the bad market and script flaws make for low profit. I'm running 40m stacks and can barely make 200k+/h whereas I used to be able to make 250k+ guaranteed with no problems.
  8. I'm also having the issue with deadman worlds, and it ends up getting the account banned! EVERY time I've come back to find an account trying to login to a deadman world, the account has been banned.
  9. Such low profits atm, any updates on the Reloading null error?
  10. This is true, the script has been under/over valuing items for months now, taco said he was going to have a look at it before v2 comes out, but this was before all that rsbuddy stuff started happening so I don't know if he's too busy now.
  11. I've noticed it on multiple accounts, multiple items, and my internet is a constant 25+Mbps down and 5+Mbps up.
  12. Unfortunately it looks like the problem everyone was experiencing before the rsbuddy database went down is still an issue. The below is just one example but it's happening for multiple different items.
  13. This was very helpful, used it to add 60 accounts, do you have the same sort of thing but for adding proxies? You can add proxies easily by just editing one of the files, but it only adds them to the first menu when you open a new client, not the proxy editor from within the client. (The one that stores the proxies used for tabs instead of clients)