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    Focusing in MMORPG Runescape gold, Items, Accounts selling and buying. Do RS AIO Service:)。I am from www.rs3hot.com.I CAN GIVE YOU DISCOUNT!!!

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  3. rs3hot

    Buying 100m 1.3ea

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  6. You'd better do not bot again.2 days ban is the warning Jagex gave you.If you do care about this account,you'd better never take risk
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  9. Hey,you can check the price on our website http://www.rs3hot.com/old-school-runescape/old-school-runescape-power-leveling
  10. rs3hot

    I was just wondering

    Sorry to hear that,but fortunately it is only a temporary ban.
  11. Why not choose us?We have 9 years reputations .We formerly called gold4rs.RS3HOT.COM is your best choice,mate
  12. rs3hot

    Lowest ban rate?

    I'd say Dungeoneering, Construction maybe safer) Honestly it doesn't really matter what skill you bot.Only if you bot safe,you should be alright. I think it will be safer if you are in a HEAVILY populated area like GE (cause too many people,less people will notice you.) Or you bot at a place where is no people detect you.
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