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  1. Bought the script last night, great script and Erickho helped me if I had any problems. A little progress report :
  2. This question....just blows my mind. Reports are abysmal. You shouldn't be worried if it was a premium script/private script.
  3. Last location before getting banned?: Varrock Museum Skill botted?: Str/ATT/Def Breaks or no?: Yes, tons of them. Bot for 1-2 hours, break for 2. If so how long?: 2 How long did you bot per day?: Maybe 4 hours a day MAX Banned before?: No. Type of ban?: Bot busting moderate. VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No. Scripts Used?: Mute's Crab Killer Other Bots Used?: No. How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: 2/17/2015 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Bot for like a week, 5 yr old account
  4. Honestly, one of the best scripts. I feel safe (lol) to use it without baby sitting.
  5. Yup encryption key isn't found, is there something I need to do? D:
  6. 1 Suggestion/question. Is it possible to add something to disable renewing crabs? It's kind of obvious that you're a botter if you run back and forth every once and a while, if not it's fine. I'm glad you're active though