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  1. Might wanna up your price a bit then , 100$ for a moderate level script is a severely low amount.
  2. This will be a tedious process and i highly doubt you are going to get this done for a low price.
  3. If you want to sell more than 100m at a time , discord me zeslicer#2700 and we can work something out.
  4. Player auctions is a shit website to sell your gold on , they take a ridicilous fee from anything you sell. better to open up a shop here or on sythe and sell in increments. for not getting your main banned : Do not keep all your gold on 1 account , Do not over-do it in 1 trade, because a 1b trade stands out more than multiple smaller trades, try not to trade from/to fresh level 3 accounts.
  5. cheap + good are 2 things that don't really go together often.
  6. The biggest problem here is that you are using a VPN , not a proxy. a lot of people use vpn's for runescape which means all of the ip's are more than likely to be blacklisted.
  7. + the past free member weekend made a lot of stuff like bow strings etc crash.
  8. Are you going to hand farm the boss or make a script?
  9. zeslicer

    This weekend

    spinning some flax lets go with those 70 accounts boyz
  10. zeslicer

    Bit coin mining

    I seriously doubt you are going to make any decent cash with bitcoin mining these days.
  11. zeslicer

    220M 07 gp

    Bitcoins, eth , skrill ?
  12. zeslicer

    220M 07 gp

    buy gp with mm > receive gp > chargeback > profit ? nty
  13. zeslicer

    Scammed by Rohm

    also @santonio pm me ur skype and ill see if i can help you out with some stuff.
  14. zeslicer

    Scammed by Rohm

    If a mod / admin can send me a pm b4 i get banned for leaking personal information again?
  15. zeslicer

    Scammed by Rohm

    he's already banned on sythe on like 3 profiles or so.
  16. zeslicer

    Scammed by Rohm

    Rohm also scammed on multiple sythe profiles , if a mod could pm me i can give evidence. tnx
  17. cowhides LOL go bot p2p if you want to make profit and last longer. use proxies and hq scripts.
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