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  1. Might wanna up your price a bit then , 100$ for a moderate level script is a severely low amount.
  2. Well keep training def you're only about 13 million exp away from 99
  3. zeslicer

    Tracking RS Namechanges

    This will be a tedious process and i highly doubt you are going to get this done for a low price.
  4. zeslicer

    Wilderness Looter

  5. zeslicer

    New, General setup info?

    cowhides LOL go bot p2p if you want to make profit and last longer. use proxies and hq scripts.
  6. zeslicer


    Willing to bet you won't even near have the budget you would need for this.
  7. zeslicer

    Bot farm/Zulrah

    reported for botting. On a more serious note , yes there are people that farm zulrah only , however be aware , zulrah is high banrate because it's also high reward. Making these accounts can take a lot of time aswel as the fact that you need to put a decent amount of money in gear and supplies to run efficient. you can also look at buying zulrah ready made accounts on other websites as on tribot account sales are prohibited.
  8. zeslicer

    I want to Goldfarm

    No one is going to give out advice just like that , botting is a competitive business, if you are legit interested in doing this and are willing to pay for advice send me a message.
  9. zeslicer


    oh boy this gunn be good i hope you got a lot of $ to spend and like 30 accounts with maxed stats / gear
  10. zeslicer

    About looking glass

    mods won't do shit on tribot except probably locking my topic soon LUL. also @Egyptian i just can't handle all the spastic posts about thesame shit.
  11. zeslicer

    About looking glass

    So i see about a million topics that LG is down , you see the point is y'all are complaining but thats not going to help fix it. so either go use that regular client or stop bitching about it. and if not just delete system32 on your computer that's a great fix if anything broke.
  12. zeslicer

    Creating a gold farm

    sure ill teach you how to proper set up a farm , going to cost you 20m/Hr tho
  13. zeslicer

    Netami's Pest Control returns!

    reported for botting
  14. zeslicer

    Main account just got banned

    hence why you don't bot on a main unless you got multiple and cbf if you lose it.