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  1. Well keep training def you're only about 13 million exp away from 99
  2. Tracking RS Namechanges

    This will be a tedious process and i highly doubt you are going to get this done for a low price.
  3. how do to sell bulk gold safely?

    Player auctions is a shit website to sell your gold on , they take a ridicilous fee from anything you sell. better to open up a shop here or on sythe and sell in increments. for not getting your main banned : Do not keep all your gold on 1 account , Do not over-do it in 1 trade, because a 1b trade stands out more than multiple smaller trades, try not to trade from/to fresh level 3 accounts.
  4. Keep getting chainbanned

    cheap + good are 2 things that don't really go together often.
  5. Keep getting chainbanned

    The biggest problem here is that you are using a VPN , not a proxy. a lot of people use vpn's for runescape which means all of the ip's are more than likely to be blacklisted.
  6. Massive crash

    + the past free member weekend made a lot of stuff like bow strings etc crash.
  7. Wilderness Looter

  8. RuneScape Major Boss Farm Progress Thread

    Are you going to hand farm the boss or make a script?
  9. This weekend

    spinning some flax lets go with those 70 accounts boyz
  10. buy

    xrp* i meant yeah , mhm kk ill be looking into it aswel. might drop some on ETH in the near future.
  11. buy

    thoughts on rpx?
  12. Bit coin mining

    I seriously doubt you are going to make any decent cash with bitcoin mining these days.
  13. still triggered ? u asked for it & got what you deserved , also i've not posted any info about any1 anymore so please stop being a little bitch.
  14. I dont have a big difference from him ? god you're terrible. & i don't breach to feel better about myself , i breach to help others out + why not do it if i can make a buck & make someone happy
  15. The guy didn't even DDOS runescape, the guy sold acces to a botnet which was used to ddos extort multiple big companies including jagex.