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  1. just got 99 mining on one of my accounts today, does the runite miner support mining cape boosting?
  2. iv looked up and down all the setting i cant find that especially in advanced pref. all i see is antiban with custom reset tiles and game mule connection other with progression
  3. sooooooo really confused...why is there no world hop function when someone tries to steal my crab spot and can easily out compete me. just sits there also noticed you need to start in a world with an empty spot that you chose otherwise it will crash someone and thats very uncool.... there seemed like there was sooooooo sooo sooo many more settings and options on this script on the original post with the pictures and videos...very confused why there are limited features
  4. Loving your script! working very very efficiently. thank you. can I ask for a possible addition? when runite mining in pvp worlds you can get killed and the bot tends to just stop in lumbride for a bit til logs out. can you make a possible setting to have the bot world hop if someone is there in the pvp world with you at the runite rocks? worried that if i just so happen to get the pet and not notice then hop to pvp world i would surely lose it also the other stuff i mentioned earlier breaks the smooth runs i have. if you could add this feature I would be so very greatful. another thing* thank you very much for adding the world hop limiter feature to help stop it<3 i am testing it on one of my accounts thank you very very much.
  5. i have paid scripts that are on a time limit...this error is holding so much up.
  6. doubt it. has been around 3 plus hours now
  7. sometimes the bots are down for a full day or so and we spend good money to use them for a limited time. only seems fair that they should fix faster or add some time to our premium scripts or vip if you have it. but this is just one idea of many. i doubt it will fly.
  8. one thing i do wish about this site is i wish they would extend script membership and vip when the client is down for the specific amount of time the bot's were down and unable to be used.
  9. this is taking a bit longer than i expected...losing out on gp's
  10. id give it 30 minutes it should work fine relatively soon they typically are pretty fast at fixing stuff when it comes to the console
  11. its safe...trust us this is a bumb in the road like all others. errors happen and things get updated...
  12. yeah i cant get the client to run either...
  13. i have 16 maybe 15 days left of the 1instance for 30 days and i want to buy the 5 instance for 10 dollars. will it add the 15 days to it? or will they both tick down seperatly if so how can i get around that or something when i buy the 5 instance for 10 dollars the 1 instance i have currently will be wasted and i would waste 3 credits what should i do. i dont need the 5 but i have a second account i want to run as well...so it would be nice but i dont want to waste credit...fyi if things work out i will be buying the 5 instance every month as well as vip of course.
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