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  1. can you just simply fix the damn bot not world hopping after being attacked at a camped cave?? its so flipping annoying it runs to the cave gets attacked and tellys out if it lives it will telly back no world hop and repeat...just fix it please i dont need to fill out a dumb report for that crap...it happens very very often
  2. ???? really when did they change that????? it says the only one that provides any range bonus is (ei)
  3. i feel like the reason your script is so buggy is because you "REQUIRE" people to fill out your dumb report just to have you take it seriously...im just going to cut my losses on this shit script and lazy creator i have gotten many other scripts that were premium and the creators didn't require this bull shit they just know how to fix things and are very willing and active on making their script the best. however most likely feel like you have no compitition so who gives a fuck if it works it works no need to tweak unless someone truuuuely gives a shit...surely that person isnt you.
  4. uhhhh you do realize...that (i) doesn't give you range benefits right? it gives you 15% att/str bonus nothing about range though you need (ei) for range benefits...like...idk my complaint is this isn't worth the price at all. im sure many can agree
  5. fuck me i even have a salve ei on this lvl 69 with 81 range and high hp with prayer on and div. potions and still not making anywhere near enough to cover the cost of this script....zulrah script is at least worth the money because its fucking flawless same with aminer runite script its flawless as can be and cheap in comparison being a whole flippin month...debating turning this account into a zulrah killer because this script just isnt worth it at all....
  6. no just normal, i think the issue is sometimes when it teleports out and goes to the g.e it tries to world hop but the attack timer is still on so it spams it a few times and if it fails then it just goes to clan wars. another things i noticed is when it hops world while in cave it hops to the same 3 worlds over and over and if they all have pkers it keeps trying to it gets caught...like honestly this script is no where near 10 bucks worth for 2 weeks...i have had a good build account and have yet to make any money maybe 2 bucks if that? but most of the money goes to supplies and just dies and dies and dies and gets shit look and dies more its not worth the money at all...should be 5 bucks for 2 weeks especially for how buggy this thing is
  7. I as well am experiencing the bot not world hopping after being attacked and a lot of the time just going back to die in the same world over and over or after telly not hopping sometimes
  8. i closed the script correctly like 2 and a half hours ago and its still not refreshing and allowing me to run one and its not showing up on instance manager please help and fix this is huge time waste
  9. i doubt he can do this considering the scripts on different accounts or instances dont talk to each other...lol soooo that a bit silly all in all though that seems uber selfish of you like you are entitled to the ore on world the bot remembers to go get...the way it is currently is fine and should stay this was indefinitely. remember your not the only botter doing this.
  10. just got 99 mining on one of my accounts today, does the runite miner support mining cape boosting?
  11. iv looked up and down all the setting i cant find that especially in advanced pref. all i see is antiban with custom reset tiles and game mule connection other with progression
  12. sooooooo really confused...why is there no world hop function when someone tries to steal my crab spot and can easily out compete me. just sits there also noticed you need to start in a world with an empty spot that you chose otherwise it will crash someone and thats very uncool.... there seemed like there was sooooooo sooo sooo many more settings and options on this script on the original post with the pictures and videos...very confused why there are limited features
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