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  1. I'm mostly just botting until I get banned then I'll switch to rs3
  2. Thank you I only have 1 account anyways
  3. So the 1 auth just means I can only one run bot at a time using that?
  4. So there are 2 options to buy for a script I want. One is $5.95 for 90 days, and one is for "$5.95 (Unlimited Auths) 30 days". My question is: Is the unlimited auths for 30 days a lifetime purchase? If not why wouldn't I just buy the 90 days one?
  5. I'm interested. I have Destiny without any of the DLCs
  6. So I'm not a VIP. Obviously, but I bought a premium script I can use without VIP. My laptop died with the script running and now when I try to start a script it says I need VIP to run multiple script and it tells me to close any other instances of Tribot I have open. But I don't have another instance open, or another script running.
  7. I do, but a message comes up saying I cant run free scripts more than 3 hours per 2 days (or 2 hours per 3 days, I don't remember)
  8. Maybe I'm just totally blind, but I'm not seeing anywhere to save my info so that I can setup breaks and have it enter my bank pin.
  9. My simple question, will I be able to run this efficiently with 85 magic 82 range 75 defense and 80 hp and about a 5-10m bank?
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