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  1. thunder stun

    Little script buying help.

    I'm mostly just botting until I get banned then I'll switch to rs3
  2. thunder stun

    Little script buying help.

    Thank you I only have 1 account anyways
  3. thunder stun

    Little script buying help.

    So the 1 auth just means I can only one run bot at a time using that?
  4. thunder stun

    Little script buying help.

    So there are 2 options to buy for a script I want. One is $5.95 for 90 days, and one is for "$5.95 (Unlimited Auths) 30 days". My question is: Is the unlimited auths for 30 days a lifetime purchase? If not why wouldn't I just buy the 90 days one?
  5. thunder stun

    Says I'm running a script when I'm not

    So I'm not a VIP. Obviously, but I bought a premium script I can use without VIP. My laptop died with the script running and now when I try to start a script it says I need VIP to run multiple script and it tells me to close any other instances of Tribot I have open. But I don't have another instance open, or another script running.
  6. I do, but a message comes up saying I cant run free scripts more than 3 hours per 2 days (or 2 hours per 3 days, I don't remember)
  7. Is there any way to use v2 without being VIP?
  8. thunder stun

    How to save account information

    Maybe I'm just totally blind, but I'm not seeing anywhere to save my info so that I can setup breaks and have it enter my bank pin.
  9. My simple question, will I be able to run this efficiently with 85 magic 82 range 75 defense and 80 hp and about a 5-10m bank?