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  1. what would the right way be? I have created a few scripts, do you suggest I just create some more and just ask for opinions on how to improve them ? Any one need something small written ?
  2. Hey, fellow Triboters, I have been in this community for quite some time and have been in and out a lot of times. Created some free scripts, created some private scripts for my own needs. Since I finished my full-stack developer nano degree and have some free time now, I would love it if some one with good knowledge of scripting could become my mentor. Please PM me or write in the thread.
  3. Yet to be banned. Just don't leave it pressing on an NPC for 2 hours. Good luck on development.
  4. Tried installing Oracle SDK + JavaFX port seems to be working, but when i start TRibot_loader it just stays there is no login screen or nothing.
  5. Bump no one really ?
  6. Did any one solve the issue yet? Would love me some Tribot on RPi3
  7. Alright I guess I will have to get my hands dirty and make it Still thanks for the addition of my suggestion.
  8. Works perfectly thanks mate. Btw, would you be open to make it alch all the stuff except for nature runes and coins? Let's say an argument "all"
  9. Happy New Year, Netami, could you make an argument, that I would only alch and then turn off?
  10. @Naton Thanks for the quick responses, off to implementing ABC2 Util. @Einstein I will put up a git repository when I finish implementing ABC2 Util.
  11. Yeah, about the antiban I used to implement ABCL, but I already read the guid to implement ABC2, but I don't quite understand the process. Do I need to create a seperate java file which class would implement ABC and then use it throughout the script? Could some one please give me some tips or an example snippet of correct usage?
  12. Ghandi Tabs V 0.8 Simple script just start it in W330 while having the following with: Equipped an air staff. Law runes Coins Fire runes Features: Finds player owned houses. Makes Varrock teletabs. Set Custom breaks to lower ban rate ( script is compliant and can be stopped started mid tab making ). Notice: please comment on the script and feels free to use it. Will improve it based on your feedback. Upload some proggies.
  13. thanks was already doing that same, I did not see that I was getting info in Bot Debug.... Was checking Client Debug YoMama street. One more thing, what is the correct way of typing in answers to an interface (this instance would be after Enter name:)
  14. Hey, could any one help me out by telling me how to implement Friend's house teleport? The main problem is detecting and pressing the name on the Last name: component. I get that is it is 162 , 32, but I am not able to detect it or press on it. Please give me a snippet or some suggestions how I could implement this clicking.
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