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  1. Thanks mate, wanted to use Breaking interface, but that backfired so much :D. This worked like a charm, thanks
  2. Is there a way to turn breakhandler on/off while in script. E.g. In one node which need to finish before taking the break is it possible to turn the break handler off until you finish the node and then turn it back on???? Please reply ASAP
  3. Great now you can feel as if you are actually playing runescape while botting Nice touch mate, rly nice!
  4. Rly no one?
  5. Is there any one who could coach me how to implement ABCUtil 2 in my scripts ? Hope there is some one who would sacrifice 15 minutes of their time
  6. Mine got fixed on its own How to close a thread?
  7. Hey, am I the only one that has the issue of Interface explorer throwing errors ?
  8. @Netami you mean a hybrid between Worthy Node framework and the Encoded's Task Framework?
  9. Hey, guys, I am currently using Nodes for my scripts. Are there any other efficient frameworks that I should shift too or the Node framework is still good? Any detailed insights would be more than appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hey peeps, is any one still using runescrafting master/runner scripts? What are the ban rates? Is it still as profitable as it used to be? Any one got any proggies to show ?
  11. What about Master Thiever AIO? Is it any good ? Any one using it get some hard earned cash?
  12. Pick up items in the wild
  13. Just a quick heads up about thieving scripts that are available and worth being ran. I can see only one that is a paid one. Are the other ones too detectable ?