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  1. I did bot on that account. Yes. But the timing is so weird. Right after I clicked on the random event? Could that possibly be linked?
  2. As the title says. I was at the rock crabs, I wasn't even botting. I was playing legit, and I got a random event. I clicked on the random event and BOOM. Perma ban. This sucks, anyone know a way I can get unbanned/bypass it? Or some suggestions? Thanks. (note) I was banned for "Macroing"
  3. ^ Yes. Alot of us have that problem.
  4. Yeah. I really really really hope they fix this soon. I have a large grind ahead of me
  5. Yep. Same here. I'm hoping this will be fixed soon.
  6. Ah alrighty. I hope he fixes soon, I want to get my levels lol ^^
  7. Is it doing it for you too?
  8. Hi. After the recent "Update" About 15 minutes ago, this is happening.. After I run my script "Multi-Crabs" everything will run smoothly, then when I tab out, it won't let me type when I tab back into it, then it will get really laggy & stuttery, then I lose complete control of tribot. Forcing me to end the process. Help please?