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  1. so much bitching going on lol. if you all so disappointed then I suggest just leave or play normal
  2. Glad that your vip is wasted . Dont care
  3. So much complain. I have been using robot since the beginning and I never complain about their service. If they suck so much then just leave and try other bot. I bet you will craw back to tribot.
  4. How much is for all the quest for barrow glove. I have 0 rfd done. And only 135 qp.
  5. anyone having problems with the script when i go exchange items ? my seem to stop working when it do so. i have to restart the client everytime.
  6. What version were you running: newest one What is your issue: zyromite task it just kill one or two then it will idle for hours. also it will keep try to switch to spec weapon like spamming switch back and forth for all the task How do you think it happened exactly: not too sure Severity rating (1-10): 10 Percent of Occurrence[1-100%(How often does it happen?)]: all morning now
  7. am not sure if this new or not but i just got a random with a pirate guy but (not pirate pete). i need to solve something like a slot machine where they is 3 slot. at the bottom each slot it will said wat it it (ex. bar, coin, ring) and u have to line them up and press unlock.
  8. assume can you plz read the thread on logic pro thread and your pm or skype atleast
  9. hey assume am here to remind you make an update on logic pro that will let the script detect wat item you wearing plz, and also could you update the drop item cause i want to keep more then one item when drop so could you add to keep multi rather then just one plz thanks you
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