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  1. can i have my  3.5m  back scammer

  2. The 2 hour trial is a tester/teaser for VIP its not supposed to be used to farm its supposed to encourage you to actually buy VIP lol. I only buy VIP when im actually farming
  3. Can do this for ya lad, skype?
  4. Can do hunter accounts, You provide bond. You pay half first and half when im done, or we can work something like that out. Skype: Harry.greene01. Ive had 5+ 80 hunt accs and my main had 16m hunter exp.
  5. I can do all these, done them on my main, ill do it for 4m or $5 bitcoin skype: harry.greene01
  6. Kant tell you because I dont know how to spell Apply your sense of understanding of the english language to figure it out Personification is a key element of my writing to you assume! analyse it Persuasive techniques are crucial! Apply yourself to understand how I know
  7. Dam nigga nice I should get into this when I got more rep tbh ez bank gl with that huge order tho
  8. People pay you for Rock crabs? Nigga you can afk that shit for like 20 mins tf Even some nmz methods are afk as balls weird ppl man
  9. Wow 6-7 gp/xp for runecrafting? Id like to order 99 runecrafting pls I keep profits ;0
  10. Depends on the method of course, Some thinks are suicide botting some are breaks, 4-6 hour max You're not gonna suicide zulrah for example, you might but i'd strongly recommend not to. Whereas you may suicide idk, blast furnace Sorry if I leaked anyones methods
  11. Shame no one responded, Im not an expert but you've either hit the limit of free botting or you have java open which tribot thinks is a bot running, open up task manager and force close anything with java in it. Or just restart your pc if none of the above works. Hope I helped
  12. Finally we can agree on something.
  13. Rs3 is close to 50-50 with osrs in user base, The worst it's ever been ratio wise for rs3 for a long time. RS3 Is dying, look at the statistics, members for rs3 = going down, Osrs = going up/staying the same. Osrs is the future rs3 is just being milked for all its worth before they sell the company/rs3 or give up
  14. Like I said Jagex isnt stupid, RS3 was a hugeee mistake for jagex, They lost a ton of membership subscriptions, which is why their milking the current RS3 playerbase until it's inevitable death in 1-2 years. Osrs was a little side project to generate more funds for jagex, but soon it will be the main game, they wont make the same mistake of squeelscape.