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  1. What scripts should i be using then? I want to mostly fish a bit to get some money for cooking.
  2. I only made it to 56wc, and i wasn't botting for money.
  3. I bought tribot yesterday, April 20th. Used it on my account that i've been playing on for a week with decent stats, was banned within 3 hours woodcutting. I made 2 new accounts and tried fishing (xfishy) and woodcutting (AceChopper) and was banned again within a 6 hour period. Why? Do i have to pay for premium scripts to not get banned? or maybe proxy?
  4. Using this script at barbvillage and it has been running unreal. Thanks alot. You think you'll be adding shilo village anytime soon? (I'm a level 3 with the quest done, it actually was really fun) If not its still awesome. Thanks