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  1. can u fix the bug where it continues trying to click the rock although its already being mined, please & thankyou
  2. just ground out my 22, phew finally. haha cant wait till its implemented into my clients. Great work trilez
  3. heres my ones for the collection edit : just found the reaction project, im excited for the future of tribot great work @TRiLeZ Xmouse_data-18010-1422057407945.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422058423070.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422059416696.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422061022674.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422061683664.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422062373178.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422064481421.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422065285619.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422107429850.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422108182098.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422108911403.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422110502731.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422111807949.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422112946715.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422113713280.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422114782589.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422115521560.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422116273407.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422118156879.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422118996933.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422119870767.dat Xmouse_data-18010-1422121857418.dat
  4. good luck with ur progress man
  5. Would like to buy some of these credits everyone seems to be talking about added you on Skype bro
  6. i have done, however i struggle to find where i actually input my details
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