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  1. I've been running this script 12+ hours a day on my lpc pure. I've gotten 95-99 str and 87-95 range pretty easily with this script for over a month now. I have several other max pures so I've done this before and it saves huge compared to nmz though not near the same xp rates, I don't really care though running 12 hours a day it still plows through levels even in the 90's. (been running about 1 day for a lower 90 level and a day and half ~ 2 days on mid level - upper 90's training @ 12 hours a day.) I've noticed most of the complaints are from users who are not vip or vip extended. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of human mouse movements. It makes all the difference between botting for 2 hours and banned and botting for 12 hours for months on end and still keeping your account. I can add some range proggies to this post soon.
  2. the paint at the top left shows trident ammo: -1 even though I have 2000 charges in it? I tried making a new gear preset that didn't work. It does detect the blowpipe ammo properly, however. note: in the client debug it acknowledges the blowpipe is detected but says nothing about the trident edit: got it figured out, I was trying to use trident of the swamp (e) which is not supported I figured out. Once I switched to regular trident of the swamp it worked fine
  3. I am having the same issue, it gears up all the appropriate karambwans, potions, sharks, anti-venom then teleports then runs to the boat and then immediately clan wars teleports out as zulrah is popping up, endlessly in circles until I run out of zul andrah teleports. It reads 'safe teleporting out' so there must be something triggering the teleport. If the script was having a problem with the gear aspect of the GUI wouldn't it not even run onto the boat to start the battle with zulrah? Thanks for your help
  4. it happens when you create an account on one ip/proxy and then start tut island on a different ip/proxy. (IE this happens a lot when people create their accounts with say chrome {or whatever browser} and then try and start the account on tribot thru a vpn or a different browser like maxthon where it is easy to plug in a proxy, They definitely do take into account the ip your account was created on). Those are my experiences anyway.
  5. The only way I could get fire wave to work was to have it selected to autocast before the script started. Also you cannot use ancient mace or any other alternate weapon's special attack because when it switches back the script will not re-select autocast. It is unfortunate and leads to increased cost for prayer pots/super restores but safer than alching. After that just make sure you have blood runes (item id: 565 I believe) in in the inventory setup box and it should work then.
  6. very easy to use super restores/prayer pots + overloads and blow pipes for pure if I remember right I was getting around 100k xp an hour with mith or addy darts after 90+ range. I can't remember exactly. Also used it for 99 magic casting firewave, got like 76k an hour consistently doing that I believe (way more safe than alching on an account that has double 99's in my experiences). 99 str/range/mage all with the script on two separate accounts. Ancient mace spec works too and will save you lots on super restores/prayer pots.
  7. @Aropupu thanks, love all your scripts btw they're flawless
  8. After the tribot update 6 hours ago, this script still acts like it did before the release. It just tries to run in a random direction until you come to an edge of the map. I tried starting from nardah, I even started it inside the pyramid and the only thing it will do is click a random corner of the mini map and try and run off the map endlessly. looks like hooks are still broken? @Aropupu
  9. Both of your ideas already exist, and since I see you are new and not VIP I am assuming you just have not found out about them: A. Looking Glass is exactly what you said "a separate client that goes over top the game client (osbuddy in my case)". this makes it like you are botting through your browser window. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/47328-introducing-looking-glass-beta/ B. Human mouse movements: you get these automatically with VIP, they are click algorithms that are based on actual human mouse movements (I myself completed several files to contribute years ago). So the same pixel never gets clicked twice already. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/39131-human-mouse-project-data-collection/ https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60719-tribot-release-9300_0-abc2/ <-- (discusses the actual implementation of it)
  10. I am currently using this script on a maxed pure for 99 magic. I am using it because I already caught a temp ban from botting alching and this is basically the only script I still trust to enough to use on that account. I use fire wave with a smoke staff so all I need is 1 blood rune per spell. It is about 70k magic xp/hr and 15k passive towards hp. I have gained 87-94 magic this method and 1.5 hp levels (95 to almost 97) in about a week of training. Most importantly, my account is still here. I think this is the best way to train magic with this script without spending your entire bank on runes for barrages. Moreover, I think it is very comparable to alching because nats (230 gp) and blood runes (296 gp) are similar price and 1 alch = 65 xp whereas 1 fire wave = 42-86 xp so it nearly averages out the same xp/hr as well. Not to mention fire wave you don't have to click for every spell.
  11. I have recently started using this to gain magic/hp xp as I don't trust alching atm. If I have autocast fire wave set on a staff and ancient mace set as special weapon, will it turn autocast fire wave back on when it changes back to the staff (primary weapon) after using special attack? Thanks
  12. I got a 2 day ban on one of my pures once around 90 str/range/mage. I said I wouldn't bot on it again and I waited for a while but finally gave in. Using both the scripts you mentioned I nmzed to 99 str/range and stun alched to 99 mage. I also did a bunch of legit questing and stuff (desert treasure, RFD up to mith gloves, ancient mace quests, etc) to make the account seem more real. And I still have that account today. I would say nmz would be safe for sure, but I wouldn't combo alch for more than 2 hour periods to be on the safe side. (currently I am combo alching on an account with no bans for about double that time and haven't had an issue yet).
  13. this just started happening to me today as well. It works fine if you start it already in the zone but once it gets out it'll break. I imagine it's because of the system update jagex pushed today
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