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  1. I am trying to close the bank screen using the escape key. I have the following code to do this: Keyboard.pressFunctionKey(KeyEvent.VK_ESCAPE); But this isn't working for some reason, not sure why. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Is the checking xp functionality still necessary for OSRS? I'm not sure how long OSBuddy had had this feature but it can display xp tracking in a sidebar to the right, showing xp left to level, actions left to level based on most recent xp gain for that skill, as well as xp/hr. I would think most players of OSRS use OSBuddy, and therefore would probably have this tab open if they are skilling and care about their gains. If this is a reasonable assumption, then I would argue that checking xp through the in game menu as probably not very typical for a human player when heavily skilling in OSRS (since OSBuddy is only available for OSRS).
  3. @warfront1 Thanks for taking the time to help, I really appreciate it. I have edited in a pastebin for Firemaker2.java. I took your advice regarding the state machine. I think the reason I didn't do this initially was because when I started the script I assumed it would be quite small. It is pretty small, I imagine, compared to some of the more involved/premium scripts, but still bigger than I expected and big enough that without decent coding techniques it was quite ugly. I have also added Timing.waitCondition() to the banking withdrawls as you suggested. I used a random time between 2 and 3 seconds. If you have times for this, or any other waiting time in the script that I use, that you have found to work well, I'd love to know what you use. As for my ABC2 usage, I'm sure you will elaborate more on that once the rest of the script is in a decent place. But I left it in since I think with the new state based progression of the script it doesn't muck up the flow too badly.
  4. Greetings all, I have just created my first script! I am making this post primarily to have other scripters give me feedback on my code in general. Specifically, I am looking for comments about my ABC2 implementation as well as my TRiBot API usage, and whether I could be doing things better with regards to either. But any advice is welcome. One thing in particular I am not quite proud of is how I determined what is "open ground". I have looked at other firemaker scripts that I could find and they seemed to be doing it in much the same way. I tried to come up with a more elegant, robust, and all together decent solution but after a while I just wanted to get a working script and start getting feedback. For those of you who aren't scripters and would just like to try the firemaker in order to help me bug test, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, it has NOT been tested very thoroughly nor am I at all an experienced scripter and as such, I can not speak as to how well I have implemented anti ban techniques. That being said, if anyone would like to test my script and find bugs or behavior that should be changed, you are more than welcome to. Please include the client log along with your bug report, as I have made the script quite verbose intentionally, at least for now. Firemaker.java See Firemaker2.java below for most recent version AntiBanExtenderUtil.java EDIT: I have taken the advice of some of the comments below, namely @warfront1 advice regarding making the script more state oriented. Below is a pastebin link for my second iteration of my firemaker script. Firemaker2.java
  5. @godspower33 Thanks and hello! About the fire maker, would something that executes like the following fulfill the need: Starts within range of a banker - If no banker is detected, print to user to start script near banker/booth and gracefully exit script Open paint UI to have the user select which type of logs they would like to burn (could be a dropdown or a comma/whitespace separated list with the first index being the highest priority and so on) Open bank, get tinderbox if one is not already in inventory, if a tinderbox can not be found in the bank or inventory gracefully exit and print to user to get a tinderbox With tinderbox now in inventory, begin pulling logs from bank and burning them repeat
  6. Hello All, My name is Ulsting, I just recently graduated with a BS in Computer Science. I am new to TRiBot and scripting in general but I am looking to learn the API and produce a few free public scripts on the TRiBot website so that I can apply to be a Premium Scripter. If you have any ideas for scripts that you would like to see created, and are okay with them being public and free via the TRiBot platform, then please post those ideas below. I will be choosing at least three of the proposed scripts to create. I will choose them based on these factors: Scripts that would require me to learn things I am not already familiar with in the TRiBot API I know this is pretty ambiguous to anyone that isn't me but if your script does something or requires a certain approach that is not mainstream I think exploring and developing that would be worth my time Scripts that will be able to showcase my all around competency as a scripter when applying for the position of Premium Scripter Things like implementing ABC Anything that requires more complex logic or executing a strict yet random set of events Scripts that are sufficiently complicated yet do not greatly exceed the average complexity found in other free scripts Any scripts that I feel are too complicated for the free script platform or that I am just not ready to create yet I will definitely consider making when/if I am a Premium Scripter either as public or private scripts. Thank you for your suggestions! =)
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