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  1. There is currently permission issues with the forums, they're being worked on.
  2. Premium just means that it costs money. So any script you need to pay credits to use is considered a Premium Script. Premium Script are considered better because they are made by some of the best Scriptures on Tribot. By better I mean they're usually updated, and have the latest AntiBan. As far active scripts the only way to check would be to check the change log, you can also visit their respective forum thread.
  3. I've botted my main a few times. And I've got caught a few times. In RS3, I botted my account and it didn't get banned however I got a 50% roll back. Then later in OSRS I botted my main some more, and it got banned for a week with no XP rollback. I don't have anything shown on my ban meter. However, I am pretty sure that if I bot again, I will most likely get a perm ban.
  4. When you say train, you mean bot, right?
  5. Have you tried sending a personal message to one of the Admins?
  6. When you start the script on the top of the Config GUI there is a Help button, I found this video there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa1pfxrWBQw
  7. I know that when you stop the bot, it generates a report, and then stores it in your .tribot folder. In that report it has all of your current offers in the G.E. What I am unsure about is whether or not the bot uses that information between starts and stops of the script.
  8. Pure ess botters that run farms. Maybe?
  9. I don't know what the rules are on posting links to external guides. But you can find a very easy guide by Googleing "Setup Runescape Bot VPS AIO". Pretty much the first link.
  10. @TacoManStan Does the script log all of it's transactions? I would love this as feature. I wouldn't mind knowing each offer it makes.
  11. RS3 has a ton of gold sinks, basically every high level gear degrades, and requires a repair. I think it won't be long until it's the same in OSRS. Zulrah is good start, I think they should make more armor like it.
  12. You have exclusive access for to the ones you pay for.
  13. You will still need the Tribot client. You will also need the official Runescape client, or you can also use OSBuddy. Run both clients, then use Tribot to launch a Looking Glass client, and start a script. It's safer from bans I guess, but you can't be 100% safe. There will always be a risk.