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  1. @Druid Can you add the option to add bolt tips to bolts please? Also making bolts is so slow! It can be so much quicker if you can fix it too>
  2. Found a bug with karabwan, its randomly stops cooking them saying the task is finished despite me putting 100,000 to cook any various other amounts. Will cook about 500 before getting stuck like this.
  3. I'm aware of there being herblore scripts but none with abc2.
  4. On behalf of the Tribot community I beg someone to make a herblore script with abc2 and abl10 that can make potions and clean herbs! If you make it premium I and many others will buy it!
  5. Had a question do abc2 scripts have the mouse implementation in already or do i need abc2 + vip extended to get maximum safety when botting?
  6. This took forever haha but i like the idea, here is mine. Xmouse_data-17947-1457646757824.dat
  7. the bot says i have no food in the invetory but i have lobsters in it.
  8. Never mind, it works but takes 10 minutes for the GUI to pop up.
  9. Doesnt work for me, just sits there and doesnt open the GUI. any idea on why?