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  1. So can anybody possbily make a script where you mark 2 spots and when you click a buttion it will run to spot and back, so i could afk train in sandcrabs and when i away i can use teamviewer on my phone and click the button to reset aggro?
  2. i mean manually resetting, script will only do the walking, should look like that, i mark 2 spots on the map with script and when i push the button the char. will move from a to b and back to a dunno if u understand what im sayn
  3. Everything is going to be done with hand, no bots. im looking for help from community, what would be best to farm with max accounts and best ways to train accounts together. i quited from my job and trying to make living with playing rs07 now. info i need: what quests to do places to afk train what gear to wear Goal MAX OUT WITH 6 ACCOUNTS SUB-Goals P2P (6/6) Bought with irl money 40-40-40 (6/6) 40-70-40 (0/6) 70-70-40 (0/6) 70-70-70 (0/6) 50 range/43 prayer (0/6) - Fire Cape NMZ Quest Stats (1/6) NMZ Quests ( Imp Catcher, Witch's Potion, Witch's House, Waterfall Quest, Lost City, Fight Arena, Vampire Slayer ) (1/6) 80-80-80 (0/6) 90-90-90 (0/6) DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4
  4. if you google most cheapest citys or countrys to live u will find estonia
  5. ye i could say that they all speak english very well , you are welcome, u can stay in my house
  6. updated, got 1 acc done with quests and quest stats, grinding now 70-70-70
  7. and also i dont think you can find that cheaply 70/70/70 accounts.
  8. i really appreciate your text, but right now i think im fine with 6 , i have high rep in account selling @ playerauction site, so it would not be a problem, but right now i really dont know if i wanna sell those accounts or go boss farm.
  9. yeah, np, like to discuss with people, would anybody say what would be the best order to quest the quests i listed on the 1st page?
  10. ty <3, just got all 40/40/40, had to take like 10h break so that slowed down.
  11. what about whip and using absorption potions? should be way faster?
  12. gonna get 2nd account p2p soon too. landed rare drop.
  13. Best way to train att-str-def? in what order i should train stats? im going to get 70-70-70 in sandcrabs, should get str 70 first and then att and after that def?
  14. what the fuck happend here :D, im living alone, i already said that im making like 600€ just buying - reselling stuff per month, my rent costs like 200€ so yeah. living in estonia is cheap as fuck, minimal wages starting around 400€.
  15. dunno i have maxed account and im doing 20m per day with zulrah, 600m per month, theres a difference if you love the job u doing vs u have the job.
  16. it would be such a time/money waste if i get banned with 90-90-90 stats.
  17. cause im earning same money doing some selling-buying from home, just wanna earn some more cash. dunno if its going to work or nah, one way to find out.
  18. Hei tribot community, i would like to build a decent computer what could run stable 8 bots? so i imagine i need to focus on processor and ram? what about video card? maybe someone can link the parts that should be efficent and useful? thanks
  19. Add me on skype: richardreintal.reintal Cannot buy proxy it says, Denied, you submitted an invalid username. Please verify that ur username is correct: blablabla help pls!
  20. Hello Tribot Community, we are ready to powerlevel your account the stats you need. Add from here - http://hatscripts.com/addskype/?markoragnarnilk How to order: Bot name - Amount of account - Payment method - Skype name -
  21. add me skype markoragnarnilk