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  1. set sleep mode in pc for 10 hours
  2. Purple

    Best place to bot iron?

    iron mountain
  3. Purple

    Castle Wars AFKer

    I'll look into it, but I don't have VIP to fix it. I'm waiting for my scripter application to be judged.
  4. Purple

    Castle Wars AFKer

    Yeah it's meant to be babysat it has no player detection so if the worlds mess up then you need to fix it.
  5. Purple

    trouble loading

    Are you sure it's opening with Java and not just looking for a solution online. Make sure that any .java .jar apps open with Java.
  6. Purple

    Rogues Castle Chest Thiever

    You can't just log out instantly because you're tanking like 6 140+ combat guards. You should bank every 100k-200k profit though and there's a chance you might be attacked my chaos elemental, but I say this method is still worth it. Nobody is going to make this for free though as it's limited resources per world and lots of pkers would visit more often.
  7. Purple

    Hit Predictor

    Hello, I made a quick little hit predictor that was requested a few days ago. Comes with a simple and clean HUD that displays your current interacting character's health percentages with a hit predictor beneath it. Thanks to @bhrampage for requesting this script. You can add the script here
  8. Purple

    Hit Predictor

    Looking for something like this? @bhrampage
  9. Purple

    Hit Predictor

    Alright, I'll whip something after I get back from the store.
  10. Purple

    Hit Predictor

    I could make you one, but what do you need it for?
  11. Purple

    Rogues Den Safe Cracker.

    Yeah it's only meant to eat when you're at a deadly range that can kill you which is 6 hp at 1 agility. and what do you mean it doesn't withdraw food every time it tries to bank. It will only bank when you're completely out of food. Are you doing this on a higher level account, because this method setup was basically designed for lower levels with no stats.
  12. Purple

    Delta Timer

    public class DeltaTimer { private int fpsCounter; private int fps; private long lastFPS = System.currentTimeMillis(); private long lastFrame = System.currentTimeMillis(); public void update() { if ((System.currentTimeMillis() - lastFPS) > 1000) { fps = fpsCounter; fpsCounter = 0; lastFPS = System.currentTimeMillis(); } fpsCounter++; } public long getDelta() { long time = System.currentTimeMillis(); long delta = time - lastFrame; lastFrame = time; return delta; } public int getFPS() { return fps; }}Useful for updating events based on a delta time, also included a fps counter (which isn't needed) I use this in my exp tracker to animate the text upwards at a fixed rate based off delta timing. This allows for smooth transitioning regardless of current frame drop/rate. private DeltaTimer deltaTimer = new DeltaTimer();inside your paint method use deltaTimer.update();double delta = deltaTimer.getDelta() / 1000.0D;then simply just pass it to a method that will use it to update an event. Here's a current example with exp dropper that I use. public class ExpAnimation { int expGained; double yLoc = 220; double alpha = 255; public ExpAnimation(int expGained) { this.expGained = expGained; } public boolean draw(Graphics graphics, double delta) { yLoc -= delta * 68; alpha -= delta * 88; String text = "+" + expGained; drawText(graphics, Color.WHITE, 12, text, 509 - graphics.getFontMetrics().stringWidth(text), (int) yLoc); if(yLoc <= 38) { Fisher.getPainter().addTotalExp(expGained); return false; } return true; } public void drawText(Graphics graphics, Color color, int size, String msg, int x, int y) { final Font FONT = new Font("Helvetica", Font.BOLD, size); graphics.setFont(FONT); Color back = new Color(0, 0, 0, Math.max(0, Math.min(255, (int) alpha))); graphics.setColor(back); graphics.drawString(msg, x + 1, y + 1); graphics.setColor(new Color(color.getRed(), color.getGreen(), color.getBlue(), Math.max(0, Math.min(255, (int) alpha)))); graphics.drawString(msg, x, y); }} As you can see I pass the delta timer from my paint class to the animation class to move the text upwards based on delta timing that's it!
  13. That's enough for trial extended that should hold you over til you get the issue resolved.
  14. I gave you a credit dont mess up this time =]
  15. Purple

    Rogues Den Safe Cracker.

    @dwarf398 Which food it should eat any food that contains "Eat" and "Drink" Just tested it and it's working with Cakes for me.