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  1. Purple


    @TRiLeZ @TRiLeZ @TRiLeZ
  2. Purple


    @TRiLeZ You're right about the null checking part of it. Like I said I'm used to a null safe environment from topbot, but I should have taken the time to be more safe on tribot. As for expediting the process, I only ported over one script which was a bigger project. It was an all in one fisher and I had to over haul a lot of it because tribot doesn't have things like an inventory listener and few other classes. The claim you made about me expediting scripts is false. In fact, the last 4 scripts I released on here were straight from tribot's requested sub forum. You're right I did come to tribot with the transparency to make money and I'll admit it openly because it motivates me to take it seriously. I plan to release more than 3 free public scripts to the community. I could have opened my application with the minimum of 3 scripts but I didn't. Here's a list of the active things I did in the 2 weeks I came back to tribot since early 2013 in case you forgot already Tutorials looping alternativeSnippets Delta TimingPause TimerScripts All in one fisher (overhauled not just ported)Blast furnace starterRogue's den safe crackerCastle Wars AFKerHit Predictor All of which was requested by your community not simply ported over. It may have came off wrong for me saying I came for money, but I think you're clinging onto the negative associated connotations related to scripting for money. I made it very clear with my intentions that I wouldn't stop releasing free scripts for the community and have even gone as far to going out of my way to help others with their issues. This is my hobby and life dream and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. Purple
  3. Purple


    They aren't permanently removed.
  4. Purple


    You're right, I forgive when you left the community without a reason.
  5. Purple


    USA's impunity and arrogant demeanor is not only horrid, but he lashes out whatever's on his mind simply because he can. I've reached out a numerous amount of times to understand why exactly I was denied scripter over such a vague response, such as 'unclear intentions via private message'. When confronted by his response I sent not only one, but two private messages over forums and skype without a single acknowledgement from him by his own request. I know he's seen the messages, but doesn't care enough to reply, but happily sits on tribot F5'n his own script threads frequently. His last message a week before being denied for 'unclear intentions' when I explained that even though I had bills to pay it wasn't in a cocky way. I legit justified why the rush for scripter. Sure I released all the scripts within a 1-2 week time period, but I made it with open transparency that I have bills to pay. I feel as if a lot of other people were threatened by this statement because it came off as I'm only here to make money, but I justify it because I've proven over many botting clients that I'm an active FREE script developer. Even my ONLY paid script on another bot was free for at least six plus months before I made it paid. In fact every script I made on here that I applied with scripter for was REQUESTED by the community itself. I do enjoy seeing people happy when they thank me on the threads. Scripting isn't always about making money, but growing your knowledge and learning, so why not make some money on the side as well. A lot of scripters on here actually don't follow the same mind set that I do when it comes to caring for the community and it's pretty obvious tribot is lacking good quality free scripts. With that being said, I've decided to revoke all said scripts from the community until an admin is willing to talk to me about the issue and I hope we can work something out. I honestly didn't want to have to do this, but I feel as if a lot of scripters on here were threatened by me and I become hostile when they flamed my application over stuff that's made up. There were a few valid points that I did take into consideration and I thank those scripters who actually took the time to post valid reasonable responses as to why they had concerns. Purple
  6. Purple

    Castle Wars AFKer

    I'll look into it, but I don't have VIP to fix it. I'm waiting for my scripter application to be judged.
  7. Purple

    Castle Wars AFKer

    Yeah it's meant to be babysat it has no player detection so if the worlds mess up then you need to fix it.
  8. Are you sure it's opening with Java and not just looking for a solution online. Make sure that any .java .jar apps open with Java.
  9. You can't just log out instantly because you're tanking like 6 140+ combat guards. You should bank every 100k-200k profit though and there's a chance you might be attacked my chaos elemental, but I say this method is still worth it. Nobody is going to make this for free though as it's limited resources per world and lots of pkers would visit more often.
  10. Purple

    Hit Predictor

    Hello, I made a quick little hit predictor that was requested a few days ago. Comes with a simple and clean HUD that displays your current interacting character's health percentages with a hit predictor beneath it. Thanks to @bhrampage for requesting this script. You can add the script here
  11. Purple

    Hit Predictor

    Looking for something like this? @bhrampage
  12. Purple

    Hit Predictor

    Alright, I'll whip something after I get back from the store.
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