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  1. I think the new update broke your script. It doesnt show the xp/h or anything the only things that arent 0 are mark per hour which when i get one the predicted marks per hour are max cash state and the time the script has been running
  2. I wanted to report a bug with the wilderness course. If you are using looking glass the script seems to sometimes go through the pipe which is the first obstacle. the problem is how looking glass is sort of slow. if the bot clicks past the rope for the 2nd obstacle or click to the east of the rope and stand beside it then it skips it all together.
  3. Was curious about the script, for the normal nature rune crafting does it take the path displayed in the video or is nature rune crafting only supported by the abyss?
  4. yodude

    Bondz 1.2m ea

    ill buy if you have any left
  5. If script runs out of money it doesnt log out...... it stood there trying to pay foreman for 20 minutes, for a paid script not really that worth it tbh... Would be nice if you could fix that issue and the issue that the bot adds lots of coal to the furnace and when theres no more in bank it doesnt finish using the coal in the furnance it just stops
  6. Last location before getting banned?: lumbridge Skill botted?: blast furnace Breaks or no? yes If so how long?: 45min How long did you bot per day?: 1h 15min Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Perm Macro Major VPS/VPN/Proxy?: no Scripts Used? DaxBlastFurnace Other Bots Used?: none How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: today Fresh account/Days acc used?: no it was 1 week old and had quests done on it
  7. do i need to have all the required stats or just one of them for the premium one?? For example if i have 30 strength and someone else is doing the one that requires strength will i not be able to continue since i cant fill any other roll?
  8. yodude

    [Currently Sold out]

    Buying a bond right now from joe on livechat!
  9. if it ever misclicks the iron it says out of material and ends the script right away while making steel bars or if it ever withdraws the wrong amount of coal it says out of material and ends the script aswell
  10. How do you guys get 2 days bans??? Ive only ever gotten permanent,
  11. someone could have a keylogger and your acc gets hacked LOL! bad idea
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