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  1. Sorry about the layout and lack of images on this post as I'm posting from my mobile. I've been around the botting scene for a while using proxies and other clients. But I've started to use tribot more and more over the past few weeks. When you first load up the bot it asks you for a proxy to load the client on. I never used this, instead I used the multiwindow tool and clicked 'New Window advanced' and entered my proxies from there. Only to find out I'd been running 10 bots on my home IP through the bot information tool. How come this method of proxies doesn't work and the first one does? Shouldn't the broken one be removed? I'm not having a rant or discrediting the hard work of scripting a client, would just like an answer?
  2. Really annoying seeing scripts that were updated 2+ years ago. Also all the crazy scripts that cost like $500. Just 'hide' them, it looks so untidy and makes it look like theres more scripts than there actually is...
  3. Looking for a script writer to code a 'medium' leveled script. PM me for information. Must be able to implement Tribots anti ban.
  4. If a mod see this, please move it.
  5. Do I have access to v2? Keep getting this message?
  6. Admins said to me they cant unflag anyone, which makes the system flawed. I have a dynamic IP which changes everytime my internet resets. Which has gotten me flagged. So we now have to be ripped off by other members by buying it for RSGP.
  7. I've purchased VIP 3 times in the past, along with countless scripts. Now I try and use my Verified Email and Stripe method and it still doesn't let me pay. Could some explain this? I only get the message "this could be a fraudulent payment" which it obviously isn't. I cannot take advantage of my VIP as the scripts I want to use I cannot purchase. Let me know why or I'll have to leave to another site.
  8. If any of the above resellers will accept PayPal or Skrill let me know. @YoHoJo @Flax @Arctic @erickho123
  9. Title says it all. Post below.
  10. sure so 17.25 m ready to trade now, how shall we do this?
  11. how much in osrs milzzz
  12. Worthy, I'm about to buy this script later on in the week. These are my stats: 75 HP 75 Range 60 Def 75 Mage Is this Zulrah ready? - Will be using Trident and Blowpipe
  13. Doesnt work at lumbridge.
  14. Does this script still work?
  15. @Usa Could this script be updated please?
  16. Definitely has my vote (y)
  17. I select my proxy, and then click to open New Client (Advanced) then I get the following messages ^ and the client never opens
  18. Spoken and explained all bugs through skype. Would like to withdraw my request for a refund and thank Joe for his help.
  19. Try the Earth Orbs please. I have roofs off, yet the camera still spins far too much.
  20. I'd like a refund of my credits after trying your script. It doesn't work as described. 


    Many thanks.

  21. In love with this script thankyou.
  22. Still having the same issue from that video. The camera spins to fast (un-human-like) above the trap door. I have manually gone down the trap door and I'm still getting issues. I'd like to request a refund of my 29.99 credits thankyou.