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  1. @luck or skill @King James Version 2.0 Released - Complete code refactor. - Improved sleep handling. - Better lane switching - now uses A* pathfinding to avoid obstacles. - Banking improved. - Custom walking. Note that all locations except Varrock West & Falador East have been removed until this is tested completely. Expect them back soon.
  2. Version 1.1.9 Released - Various bug fixes.
  3. @luck or skill The update broke banking - put the logs in the top of your bank or wait for an update.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'm working on version 2 which is a complete rewrite, so expect an update in a few days.
  5. I'm seeing the same thing today from my scripts. It's possible the Jagex update caused this?
  6. @lordcurse Version 1.1.5 released. - Fixed deposit bug. - Fixed opening bank bug. Thanks to @alhajri for demonstrating this on Skype.
  7. @warfront1 There's no chance of this getting stuck - it will always return whether successful or not. Anyone who implements this should put in their own failsafes in case the ChooseOption isn't available. This isn't the remit of a utility method. The responsibility should be with the caller, like most methods in TRiBot's API. I agree with everything else though. A suggestion on your snippet I would put forward is: if(!r.contains(Mouse.getPos())){ RSItem dummyItem = new RSItem(-1,-1,-1,RSItem.TYPE.OTHER); dummyItem.setArea(r); return dummyItem.hover();} else { return true;}You could probably lose the if and else altogether as, from a human perspective, you would probably move the mouse slightly even if you're already hovering over it, but that's debatable. Other than that, your snippet looks like a good workaround too.
  8. @alhajri Version 1.1 released. - Now supports rune essence or pure essence.
  9. @alhajri I'll push an update for pure essence out tomorrow, so stay tuned.
  10. Thanks for those proggies @rook718!
  11. Thanks @rook718 - looking forward to those proggies!
  12. I've created a snippet which should help you out. Just pass in the RSNPC / RSItem / whatever and the option you want to hover. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/46226-snippet-menu-hovering/
  13. I noticed the API doesn't have a built-in method to hover over menu options after right clicking. Here's a simple snippet could be handy for someone. This isn't ABCL compliant - change the General.sleep(50, 100) to suit your requirements. import org.tribot.api.Clicking;import org.tribot.api.General;import org.tribot.api.input.Mouse;import org.tribot.api.interfaces.Clickable;import org.tribot.api2007.ChooseOption;import org.tribot.api2007.types.RSMenuNode;import java.awt.*;/** * A simple menu hovering utility. * * @author Node * @[member="see"] */public class MenuHovering { /** * Right clicks on a <tt>Clickable</tt> entity and hovers over a menu option. * * @param entity the <tt>Clickable</tt> entity (<tt>RSItem</tt>, <tt>RSNPC</tt>, <tt>RSGroundItem</tt>, etc) * @param option the text of the option to hover over, eg <i>Examine</i> * @return <tt>true</tt> if successful, <tt>false</tt> otherwise */ public static boolean hover(Clickable entity, String option) { return hover(entity, option, General.random(-20, 20), General.random(-5, 5)); } /** * Right clicks on a <tt>Clickable</tt> entity and hovers over a menu option. * * @param entity the clickable entity (<tt>RSItem</tt>, <tt>RSNPC</tt>, <tt>GroundItem</tt>, etc) * @param option the text of the option to hover over, eg <i>Examine</i> * @param offsetX the X offset to apply * @param offsetY the Y offset to apply * @return <tt>true</tt> if successful, <tt>false</tt> otherwise */ public static boolean hover(Clickable entity, String option, int offsetX, int offsetY) { if (entity == null || option == null) { return false; } if (Clicking.hover(entity)) { Point pos = Mouse.getPos(); Mouse.click((int) pos.getX(), (int) pos.getY(), 3); General.sleep(50, 100); // CHANGE THIS TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS if (!ChooseOption.isOpen()) { return false; } for (RSMenuNode node : ChooseOption.getMenuNodes()) { if (node.contains(option)) { int x = (int) node.getArea().getCenterX() + offsetX; int y = (int) node.getArea().getCenterY() + offsetY; Mouse.move(x, y); return true; } } } return false; }}Cheers, Node.
  14. This is covered in TRiLeZ's scripting tutorial, may be worth a read: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/30185-trilezs-scripting-tutorial/
  15. Not built in as far as I'm aware. It looks like you could construct something pretty easily by using the ChooseOption.getMenuNodes()method. Why would you use this? Take a look at Mouse.move(). You can pass in the X, Y from RSMenuNode.getArea().