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  1. ye it may run 5 runs perfect but it will get stuck in the end still after some runs i mean, still getting stuck http://gyazo.com/76ea5406b827f19f029b17bd91d18560
  2. it is getting stuck everywhere now, goes down from ladder get stuck sometimes, in dugeon it gets stuck when he opens first gate and so on...

    I put mining because i thought it might have just been combat

    I have just created a Script and for some reason when i click on scripts it shows nothing there i tried restarting the client and clicking Local Scripts on and off but nothings working please tell me if this is right? @ScriptManifest(authors = { "Nvox" }, category = "Mining", name = "Chicken Killerz", description = "KILLS CHICKENS!")
  5. http://gyazo.com/15f0f935eace0f654b51f6644962ed03 http://gyazo.com/aecc5f7432dfe4e91358e814cdc976b8 http://gyazo.com/6db90989dbe2526655d72a77241dd72b My bad but thats the next trip after i manually dropped the vial Hope you can sort this soon thanks
  6. http://gyazo.com/aecc5f7432dfe4e91358e814cdc976b8 same again not dropping vial i cut the debug out by accident all it said was dropping vial for about 2-3 minutes stood next to a black demon
  7. http://gyazo.com/6db90989dbe2526655d72a77241dd72b still clicks on vial only now and again but i cant baby sit 24/7 and theres a glitch where it takes out food and runes but doesnt take energy pot? only sometimes though if this was made efficient it would be sick
  8. Theres a fault with the Vials on the energys pots it click's on the empty vial then right clicks on the vial so it cant drop it and it does this and doesnt stop can you fix please
  9. what u mean by that, its the program that alot of people use im sure, u will download it from google and load it, u have to confrim ur email and then u are ready to use, you have to reload it and then it will give u the around 30 fastest ip for your ip and some slow ones too and u are ready to use those ip-s
  10. program is legit, is not my program, is free for everybody, its totally virus free, i just need someone with high rep to go first and he can approve that.