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  1. I knew you were up to something ^.^, wish i knew about this before i started coding nmz quests -.-
  2. downgrade to 32bit JDK 8 update 102 use osbuddy cross-platform (32bit)
  3. When buying wines (blackjacking mode) it stands in the shop with this message in debug https://gyazo.com/6611654dd9064d46afdd5846fe35b9dd
  4. Same issue seems to happen to me. Goes to buy wines > world hops > (status shows buying wines) > but it just stays hovered over world hop screen.
  5. Great bot! however, it seems to get stuck world hopping at times. It will hover a world and right click it over and over. The mode i was using was blackjacking.
  6. wait prayer api still isn't fixed? LOLLL
  7. are the developers aware?:O and here's a GIF of the bug: https://gyazo.com/2cc3e9b5062422049dd11988fff24307
  8. It seems every once in a while the bot will right click next to the tree but since no menu pops up the bot will try to right click again in the same spot. Basically enters a right clicking loop. Found my guy doing it for about 20mins < any idea why this happens? Camera is default, Area is custom, Using LG, Chopping willows + fming.
  9. ayyy you made it! congrats on premium Looking forward to using this script soooon
  10. Goodluck friend, hope everything goes well
  11. dayzsa

    |w| World Ping Finder

    Thanks for this! A very useful tool
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