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  1. dayzsa

    |w| World Ping Finder

    Thanks for this! A very useful tool
  2. Awesome! thanks for the fast response Can confirm this issue is now fixed
  3. seers banks, chopping oaks there's an oak tree right next to the bank and it's visible to the bot while bank interface is open
  4. if the bank is open and inv is empty and a tree isonscreen it will attempt to right click tree through the bank screen. Please ESC close bank/normal close bank.
  5. impressive bot, was just having one problem. I used the fire making feature and it was trying to make a fire in a spot where it couldn't. Got this message, you can listen for the message and make it find another spot https://gyazo.com/5f2f5189e77010199ddc4ac1307019ac Also does your dropping method have random delays between each drop? seems like it drops at the same delay every time.
  6. it's okay! hope you get better, i used the trial anyways xD.. Just post when it's updated
  7. damn, was hoping this script would be better than it is :(... but there's always room for improvement 1. if for any reason the bot has the noted bones selected and already has an inventory of unnoted bones, it'll keep right clicking the portal 2. It seems like your conditional sleeps are too short, it re-performs tasks (but this was happening while my run was off, with run activate it doesn't do that i think?). 3. Suggestion: if you're using someones house why not have the option to use their energy pool thing ?
  8. thanks a lot! I should've spent more time searching the API
  9. hi! is there a way i can get the time remaining till the next break?
  10. This time it cleared zulrah > went for a second run > got blue mode > relogged > went back in and got this error > ended script and stood in zulrah Could be tribot, since it did update yesterday. bot debug: https://pastebin.com/9Su4uFj2 client debug: https://pastebin.com/SJBFDSPg
  11. Odd, because i'm using the same saved settings as in 2.562. Seems like I can't get more than two runs in on 2.563 without it stopping. I watched it, none of those signed occurred, had food, prayer, ammo.
  12. The bot seems to be randomly teleporting out of zulrah with the status (TELEPORTING TO SAFE) and then stopping. idk if this helps https://gyazo.com/883ec5ba8f18075e1e70c7d248e4cb1c
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