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  1. How well does this work on looking glass?
  2. Say I wanted to bot something in stronghold and the bot misclicked on the door. Would the bot solve the question and return to fighting or would it stay stuck between doors?;o
  3. Thanks, just realized it's definitely the human mouse. It seems it is moving extremely fast and misclicking, hopefully gets fixed.
  4. dayzsa

    Human Mouse Implementation

    @Trillez did you recently update the human mouse ~past 4hrs? my bot is constantly mis-clicking can't even trade another player. - the mouse moves super fast, that is what is causing the misclicks, however i did not change my mouse movement speed. - even tried lowering the script speed and still seems to misclick just less frequent but still often
  5. it was working perfectly fine, trillez made an update today? do you know anything i can do it fix it?
  6. idk what it is but i'm getting a few problems with selling now... 1. The bot isn't trading, it right clicks constantly but doesn't trade 2. When trying to trade it ends up running outside the square area and then runs back to the safe tile it could be an update or maybe something that trillez did to the human mouse??? help plox
  7. Flawless bot just tried it out! I would suggest not making it use the minimap to go to the safe-tile... realistically no one does that.
  8. dayzsa

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    here's the other 11 Xmouse_data-178272-1422368033556.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422368646428.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422369460285.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422370014598.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422370532779.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422371068387.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422371570212.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422372093759.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422372606502.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422373181694.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422373759814.dat
  9. dayzsa

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    I have 21 files . Xmouse_data-178272-1421440926459.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1421441896242.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1421573635577.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422165365870.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422166090354.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422238379909.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422238929035.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422239527935.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422240152305.dat Xmouse_data-178272-1422280890475.dat