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  1. I'd buy this if there weren't unlimited auths, nat prices will crash hard >.< edit: looks like my vips ran out anyways haha.
  2. actually USA means 300+, its mentioned in earlier posts. I'll certainly be selling mine at those prices since there's alot of profit in 50k natures at 265 vs 300, and I can use a merching script.
  3. use a merching script from tribot, and possibly find a spot that isnt crowded with people selling at 260 ea.
  4. spends 5 minutes sitting at cosmic rift and quickly clicking without entering, much lower performance.
  5. yussssssss...... also you might want to define average market price. people always sell in different ranges
  6. USA, i've skyped you my account that is stuck in the abyss random.
  7. Script is looking great USA! Abyss obstacles are working more flawlessly, and it enters the nature rift much faster. Next big thing is the abyss random! Thanks man, keep up the good work
  8. Any luck on solving the abyss random? Seems like the ID's for the correct appendage randomly change... edit: when teleported to the very first corner in the North East, it spends up to 5 minutes trying to find an obstacle, and clicking back and forth.
  9. Ok thanks for getting back to me. As for the bot not working for long periods of time, I have never actually gotten pked (90-100 cb), but I saw that once the bot was just standing at the wilderness ditch for 4 hours with the status saying something like withdrawing essence, and another time it was just standing in edge. I doubt there's much that can be done in these situations as they are pretty unique though.
  10. I've used this script for a cumulative amount of around 10 hours by now, and here's what i've noticed are things that could be improved: Entering the abyss and going through obstacles takes a good amount of time, but i'm guessing that's because TriLez hasn't fully hooked the abyss. USA, is there anything we could do to aid with this?The bot does not click on the nature rift immediately, usually takes around 5 seconds to do so. Not a big issue, but every little bit helps.Abyss random. Gl Usa.Flawlessness. Although the script does its processes very efficiently, I find that sometimes (very rare), it gets stuck at a step, or believes it is at a different step than it actually is. This causes the bot to sit online not doing anything for hours on end. I used to code for Villa (color) a decent amount, so I'm wondering if there are not sufficient failsafes at certain steps? Sorry if I'm wrong, never looked at coding for TriBot.Overall its a nice script to have, I'm appreciating the amount of work and upkeep USA is putting on this. Thanks!
  11. Are there any obstacles that dont work right now that I could uncheck/check to make the script go faster? thanks.
  12. Only getting about 700 runes/h, any idea why? I'm using 4 of the options (recommended ones), and I have full black d hide, not getting pked etc. Also only using a small pouch should I be using more than that, and how much of a difference would it make? Thanks
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