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  1. Do Add My Skype AhJohnNg i'll Try to help u @Michaeltheking
  2. Forgives

    Suicide botting

    I doubt is worth it to suicide bot unless u have a good f2p money making method with low requirement
  3. Forgives

    Buying 60m 07 GP

    Title says it All Pm Me Rate Or Skype Me Will Do Payment Via Paypal If u trusted i'll go 1st with ID If Not Trusted U Go 1st And i'll Still Provide ID
  4. @Tomtick Do Add my Skype Or take a look at my thread https://tribot.org/forums/topic/46014-reliable-a-teams-aio-service-cheap-trusted-partner/
  5. Sorry for the late reply do add my skype is in my signature to discuss more
  6. Able To Add Me On Skype? and would like to talk to u more abt comp specs thru skype @ Here's The Spec @ http://gyazo.com/45e75dad4aa0d89079da81da36167c7e
  7. i guess my 2 weeks profit of botting will be spend on this processor and ram lol
  8. Which processor Is Good For a 5-15 BOts?
  9. so is the processor issue?
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