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  1. I can do this for you, pm me to discuss or pm me your skype if you are interested.
  2. Does chest looting lead to a pharoah sceptre or nah? If so what is the point of chests.
  3. Hey, im level 61 thieving. What is the best way to set it up to be getting good xp rates and reach some as high as those on the front page.
  4. Whatever it takes brah
  5. This song to hype the fuck outta u ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. aPlunderer
  7. This is very cheap.
  8. Choose a low-carb diet Eat when hungry Eat real food Eat only when hungry Measure your progress wisely Be persistent Women: Avoid fruit Men: Avoid beer Avoid artificial sweeteners Review any medications Stress less, sleep more Eat less of dairy products and nuts Supplement vitamins and minerals Use intermittent fasting Exercise smart Achieve optimal ketosis Get your hormones checked Consider weight loss pills / drugs (if desperate)
  9. noted.
  10. Damn you!!! Im at 95 mining and nothing!
  11. you seem like a brony from what I have seen posted by you