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  1. This is a runescape bot, not facebook, twitter bot.. :/
  2. Sef1x

    USA Agility refund

    Apart from the high ban rate on agility, the script would run flawlessly if these seemingly small issues were fixed. He fixed previous problems, but it took like a month. Just wait it out I'm sure he will fix it. @Usa
  3. that's how things work, if you don't like it then don't use tribot. nobody is forcing u
  4. Script seems to run smoother than before but character still gets stuck at gnome/varrock/falador courses often, run it for 15 mins and you'll see what I mean, unless it's just my clients...
  5. At varrock when it falls from the obstacle (if it fails the obstacle) my character just stands in place and does nothing edit: it decided to move after about 2 mins. maybe you can look into this (happens every time)
  6. Maybe you can speed up dropping items , it is incredibly slow.
  7. Sef1x

    Buying bonds 1.2m

    I need 3 bonds 1.2m ea, msg me on skype: rashersyn
  8. Sef1x

    Slash's Bond Shop

    Buying 1 bond for 1.1m now
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