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  1. I recommend purchasing a premium script like ExRunecrafter. This has done wonders for me. Literally got 20-80 RC using this script botting 10 hrs a day with no breaks. The anti-pk feature is truly remarkable, only died once throughout my entire use of it! Honestly, I don't want you to think I'm trying to oversell it or whatever, just look at the comments of the people who have used the script
  2. idk what you all are talking about, after client said it needed update i simply closed, re-opened, and voila.
  3. Hi everyone. My Vip just ran out so I was wondering on how to get VipE. Do I need to purchase Vip first, ,then VipE? Or can I just buy the VipE and be good? Thanks
  4. Mute, could you make it so that instead of banking it just gets overloads/absorption pots from the barrels since mostly everyone dont really keep them in bank? Also when I type in multiple names on the buy settings how do i separate each name? A problem I noticed with this is that if you are using absorption pots and have rock cake with you the bot will continue to eat rock cake even though its using abs pots. This is a problem because you lose life faster
  5. Really fucking impressed with this! I love how I can either choose absorption pots or p pots for training.If this was premium i would def pay for this.
  6. Pretty nice script, good job! Could you make it so that Emerald lantern doesn't get dropped when camping cave horrors? That would REALLY help, thanks man! ~EDIT I turned off drop junk items and it works perfectly now . Thanks matt <3
  7. Very nice script! Now could you add Bones to peaches to make it perfect? Otherwise I dont plan on renewing the auth :/
  8. I've been using this script since I bought it a week ago and it is really smooth! It got me from 20-73 and still going strong! My only issue with this script is that it REQUIRES you to have seal of passage even though you have already completed Lunar's and Dream mentor (when both are completed you no longer need seal of passage for bank access). If the bot doesn't see the seal of passage in inv or bank, then it just cancels everything and logs out.. This is annoying because I don't want to keep a junk item over other good items. I was hoping you could add an exception to the seal of passage requirement by just having the bot check if the dream mentor quest is completed, then it wouldnt be required, thanks! BTW english is not my first language XD
  9. Very nice!
  10. my god... this is a black market
  11. Can you fix it so that the bot only loots up to a certain amount of traps? People have caught on and are dropping traps to fill inventory so that bots cant hunt. I've also seen others try and make a trail of traps to the ogres so that they will kill bots. please fix this