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  1. they do i got one.. while botting to 36 woodcutting for quest lmao.
  2. got perm banned using this shit bot, why? because it stood there for hours and hours while alrdy having max points. this problem never got fixed since the release of your bot and its still not fixed, Defo not recommend to buy this scipt why? 1. stands next to knight when having 250 points. 2. sometimes it doesnt even get enough points, because the walking is shit. gets stuck often or just stands there. 3. as soon as u start this script you can see that u defo look like a bot ingame, it has no anti bans or human like movements. 5. enters the boat too slow, which causing you to miss more points. has some more problems but cba to list them all, and yes the BRIGHTNESS WAS ON THE SECOND LOWEST, and yes I TICKED ON BUYING THE VOID.
  3. hello i bought this scrip and u said it was a life time auth, but it wasnt, i wanted to buy this scrip for 2 days when u said u pay 8usd and u got it for a life time. it ran out by now.
  4. Amount your buying: 20-30m Method of payment wanted: pp/pa Did you add my skype?: yes What is your skype name?: krm Will you leave me feedback and a vouch after the service is done? yes
  5. i'd like to buy 20m 07 gp from you if possible, ive bought loads from you can check it on my PA account.
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