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  1. paint doesnt load...
  2. the paint doesnt pop up ... i managed to put it into opengl
  3. can you make a red chin one? Im desperate. I'm 99 hunter on a account i dont even use and i wanna bot chins on it but theres no good script on the internet
  4. i cant wait for a chin bot ^^
  5. it doesnt work for me.. it says some scripts may not work in safe mode and i cant put in on openGL(it's the cliesnts fault that I cant) i really wanted to try to out
  6. well I just woke up and saw my bot was successfully botting 10 hours and no randoms i take a break for 10 mins every 6 hours
  7. if ustart it at grey chins it catches them too lol
  8. Maybe its this? its also doesnt pick up traps after they fell
  9. i mean it just looses them when it drops the bones etc it kinda messes up walk here/lay trap or something IDK how exactly cuz I wasnt home but if you want me to check it again I will run it again at the birds if you want ?(going to check grey chins tonight to see if it does the same, I will start with 20 traps take a screenshot and then when i wake up I will post both screens of what happand)
  10. it seems to lose a lot of traps..
  11. it kinda bugs when picking up traps sometimes