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  1. got a 2 day bank today, thing was not botting per se. Was a private script, all it did was read my on going stats. use for clean playing, just wanted to see my stats as leveling. nothing more than. Was generally at Cockatrices, with 0-2 other people there at same time. Is not what I consider botting. only read out stats.
  2. try uninstall complete Java, then delete folder java had been installed in then get newest java, install clean
  3. just got them both logged in now, maybe is cleared up for the rest, certainly hope so
  4. Ha Ha HA that is funny... was online with 2 tribot clients running, no bots, in normal rs.. getting magic logs, ok.. 1 was kicked, other kept on cutting tree's tried to log back in, no logging. tried other accounts of mine, no go... Tried the RS client, with multiple accounts, no go, 0 updatge before kicked. message on jagex forums, Frankfurt servers crashed, and is what is causing hardship. and the 1 account running rs eoc, cutting magic tree's using Tribot just keeps plugging away when my other clients can't log in, not even to the clients.. HAHAHAHAHAA I have seen so many clients over the years, where rs clients were able to log in, and other bot clients were auto crashed, but never like this... fortunately I can log in with the one they said they were rushing new parts to replace the failed parts that did not have a backup....... go figure
  5. Absolutely !!! best script. fantastic. Chatted with Worthy on skype, and shortly had me a great script. It only checks xp and shows a skill bar for progress. But is all I want. Worthy if you want to put that up for others you have my permission Is truly great script
  6. Runespawn is an exceptionally fast method to level RC, only gain in items is ability to make higher rc, and light clothes to run faster, and a wicked hood, to hold talismans embedded into the wickedhood. can go from lvl 1 rc to 60 rc, 4 hours per day within 3-4 days. Like I said, is very fast leveling.
  7. experience script, that only reads experience, and outputs in each a separate bar that same xp, plus in bar how far till next level. exp 1 attack bar exp 2 prayer bar exp 3 mage bar adds new bar each time you do a new xp, or updates old bar as you add more of same. does nothing but experience pm me if interested ?
  8. made me a fantastic xp script, absolutely far better than asked for, and super fast Truly appreciate it
  9. Added on skype, will discuss details as needed when needed. You Message me. am on and off all day.
  10. Will vouch for him, as have loaned him one of mine prior to, he does only what he said he would do. And he does do decent scripts
  11. is also good or decent to go to skeletons below varrock, or to edgeville man killer and collect all loot ? that one is even close to a bank
  12. could you add to make steel studs... stud ID: 2370 would be very highly appreciated to add this in. Can only make them with steel, but even so, used in crafting Is not supported so far by anyone.. sure would appreciate. Very much so. Thank you so much in advance
  13. could you add to make steel studs... stud ID: 2370 would be very highly appreciated to add this in. Can only make them with steel, but even so, used in crafting
  14. I found an easier one, but would require complete new script from yours, not able to do it, has a few requirments. Have completed up to starting fairy ring II, to have full access to the fairy rings use. have dramen staff. your choice armour-weapons. Start in zanaris bank. goto fairy ring teleport to fairy code abyss - ALR all the mobs here drop a pouch, sooner or later. pro's no skull when enter, no multi combat no massive mobs lining up to attack does havea safety spot right up between the fairy ring, and wall. con's you need to complete up to where you have access to the rings
  15. Looks like it works great.. could you add 1 more item on the menu ? Steel bars to Steel studs Option being to make x each round ------------ menu item steel studs object 2571 ------------ inventory 2352 steel bar 2370 steel stud ------------ Would thoroughly enjoy this, for crafting purposes.. converting armour bodies to studded armour bodies. any help is very much appreciated, Thank you in advance
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