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  1. I have 80 all around, 70 pray. Serp helm, ahrims, b gloves, occult, infinity boots, swamp, avas, malediction. switch to rune c bow, odium, fury, karils.
  2. Just bought it, my stats are whack and it still clears over 1m an hour. I've done 3 full individual hours so far since purchasing to tinker with what I do and it's awesome. The way the script recovers from bus-wrecks puts it over the top. 10/10!
  3. Anyone know why it keeps telling me I have an invalid 2captcha API key? I'm putting the one in from the site. Thanks guys!
  4. That hasn't exactly panned out.
  5. Request: - A Dwarf Cannon quester Description: - Starting at the dwarf, it should complete the entire quest using camelot tablets and falador tablets, and stamina potions. Payment Amount: - $10-$20 Time: - No time frame at all. Additional: - This would make my life easier (:
  6. This script is flawless. Both my bots average 2200 cannonballs an hour! Running 12hr+ proggies. I just wish I wouldve bought the unlimited instances now. Any way to help me with that?
  7. It just looked and opened as if it was a .zip file, just didn't notice. Thanks for replying. Who you calling a goofball ? (:
  8. Oh, but it does! Anyway, I just needed to run it as a java file. Thanks D:
  9. Yeah, I wanna download the .jar. But it's just not letting me, maybe I need to reset it.
  10. It gives me a .zip file with files that I can't run. Any advice? I figured I'd have to run it in eclipse, but it has no main type.
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