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  1. BEWARE - came back to my comp today to find out that my account has been banned!
  2. needs fix, bot gets stuck in building if door shuts behind it. has happened more than once.
  3. So i read that the latest client version has human mouse data, but when i load it i get this message [18:12:16] Could not load human mouse data. Reason: Human mouse data encryption key not found.Is this something different?
  4. do we need to turn on any features or will this 'new human-like clicking' run automatically?
  5. is there any way to play the previous client? and thanks for replying
  6. Doesn't work with latest version of tribot!!
  7. hey could you look into the looking glass bug which causes the player to stay logged out. Other premium scripters have fixed this already, came back after 6 hours finding out i got 5k exp haha.
  8. @aropupu Thanks for replying, I've found a few things that will help out your script 1) Wildy course isn't working as expected- when walking from a bank. It gets stuck at the edge ditch and lava maze and then the gate to access like level 50 wildy, should probably be using edge lever too. 2) Spam clicking is good but maybe have it occur randomly rather than all the time, will be more life like.
  9. The bot seems to often right click and miss obstacles, often the first obsticle at falador course this happens at, very bot like activity, mind fixing bro? Also, on another account i got this error message which has logged me out 3/4 times (roughly every 30mins) at the al kharid course. [14:48:31] java.lang.NullPointerException[14:48:31] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.O(aAgilityPrem.java:950)[14:48:31] at scripts.aAgilityPrem.onPaint(aAgilityPrem.java:6619)[14:48:31] at obf.bI.k(hh:255)[14:48:31] at obf.Th.run(xh:82)[14:48:31] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)