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    The massive goldfarmer from somewhere.
  1. So I guess this script doesn't work so well with looking glass? I can't see even the amount of exp I'm getting with it though.
  2. Yeah I'm not really worried about losing the account, I'm not as well worried about losing money. I just want make a pker account Anyways any suggestion of scripts and how many hours daily and stuff like that? I've been out of botting for too long...
  3. Is there anyways to bot combat stats safely or atleast with a small ban rate? I know that all the afk methods are less bannable, but I haven't been playing osrs for a while so I'm not fully aware of current afk methods / bots. atm I got an account with 75def, 1 str, 1 att and I would get like 75str for it, but I'm not sure where I should start.
  4. Is there any bots for league of legends like leveling bots? Couldn't really find any info of working one.
  5. So is there any good leveling bots for league of legends?
  6. I think it was only for vip extended.
  7. Selling lots of oaks and logs, atm I got 45k oaks and 15k logs. Getting lots of oaks and logs daily, pm me your skype if you want me to by your supplier!
  8. Actually I don't work very "hard" for the bots, I press 6 mouse clicks in order to get bots started. I got bot for starting those bots, or actually I have 3 bots I need to run before I can start botting with the 80 characters. But the work I do is about 10sec per day. Also I'm planning to sell those those tools, but Trilez haven't answered me yet am I able to sell those automation tools or not.
  9. I don't get where the people are coming with the numbers of 1-2k $ a month. Atm I'm farming with 4 computers, 80+ bots at a once and I manage to do 600$ a month. Of course if I wouldn't get banned 1000 times in a week and everything would go as the expected I would be making 1k+ But the reality is just the things never go as they should.
  10. Same here, I'm using human mouse.
  11. They do work at weekends too, I've got banned many times at weekends too (saturday/sunday).
  12. That's nice information, I might try make somekind of script I think what would just mainly a.f.k
  13. I've heard people getting bans at rock crabs in 2 hours.. I guess you've been extremely lucky then.
  14. So I was just wondering if there's someone who has botted combat stats succesfully, I'm thinking aboutto make a "main" and starting to play this game again. But the thing is, I would need some combat stats before I can start playing legit. So how I should setup the breakhandlers, switch different combat areas? If I start new account and try bot atleast 70-70-70 stats to it. I was thinking to bot about 4-5 hours a day in not popular places. But is there any other methods, how I would prevent getting bans to my account? I actually tried already with 5 different accounts in free world and I was able to get 1 to 60-60-60 stats in 3 days, but I got banned on it straight away. Seems like suicide botting is not the way to go atleast Also how about botting in f2p and p2p? Tell your experiences about botting combat stats if you have succesfully botted combat stats.