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  1. I was about to buy the script, but realised the bolt enchanting doesn't work. So I guess I'm not buying it then...
  2. Okay, so far what I've realised this script is flawless (if you have all your setups right). Only thing what it does is : For example. your inventory is 7 overloads, 20 absorp pots and dwarwen rock cake (28 slots full inventory). Sometimes when it takes overloads or absorp pots from barrel it takes too many of them. For example it takes accidentally 14 overloads (7 was supposed to take) and then it gets stuck, when you have too many overloads and it keep spam clicking the barrels trying to take again the overloads. The failsafe would be that the bot checks if it took too many potions from barrels and store them back, if accident happened. I guess it doesn't have the "Store potions back to barrel" function atm? The bot does that like 1 out of 8 trips that it takes accidentally too many potions. That would be kinda last thing and the bot should be able to run 24/7 without you even looking at it.
  3. twender

    ExNightmareZone Not working

    I tried that script yesterday too and it's broken script. Better go with the free ones.
  4. Everything else works like a beast, but there's somekind of issue with when you run out of absortion / overload potions. It's trying to buy "x amount" of absortion / overloads from store even if you don't have enough reward points, then it just sits there trying to buy those potions forever till you have to turn the script off. I've tried it few times now and can't get it to work correctly.
  5. I'm surprised this one works better than the paid ones nmz scripts. Good work with the script!
  6. twender


    So I guess this script doesn't work so well with looking glass? I can't see even the amount of exp I'm getting with it though.
  7. twender

    Human Mouse Implementation

    Pure awesomeness!
  8. twender

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    Here's 5 more, now 10/22. Xmouse_data-176712-1422555079187.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1422555632782.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1422556381798.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1422557125068.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1422557688156.dat
  9. twender

    Script Queue compatible with Client Starter

    Yeah I've been waiting for this as well.
  10. twender

    ExTutorial - Tutorial solver [ABCL 10] [ACCOUNT CREATOR]

    Hands down, most useful script in here. I would even pay for this script. Is there anyway to make it join "Clan chat" after it logs out? That would make the script super useful!
  11. I was thinking some anti-ban methods to this bot, if you would be able to make so called "task list" where you can add locations and time, how long you want to be in that location. It would for example. work like this : Cut yews in edgeville for 2-3 hours, goes to lumbridge trees for 1 hour, goes to magics for 2 hours. I think doing "different activities" or even changing the spot where you are botting would reduce your bans a lot. Task list would be nice in other way too, if you want do progressive woodcutting till to specific tree and then cut it the rest of the time. Also autojoin the clan chat with mule add on would be cool.
  12. twender

    Human Mouse Project [Data Collection]

    here's my first 5 mouse datas. Xmouse_data-176712-1421331050248.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1421331820680.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1421344526494.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1422230603616.dat Xmouse_data-176712-1422231564890.dat
  13. I don't know does this request belongs to here, but I didn't know where else I could put it. So if there's anyone who can do scripts well with AutoIt, I would be more than glad if someone can help me with my little project I can private message you my skype
  14. twender

    USA Wood Chopper (RSDaemon style)

    I will be waiting for this script, good work mate Just a small question about the mule, so you can just save your mule's name in there and then the bot trades items to the mule? So I don't need the "bot character" names to add in to the bot, I just need add only mule's name there? Because I got pretty many bots running, atleast 50+ so it would be awkward to put all the bot names in the bot manually