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  1. Sometimes I get a LoadLibrary error 1114: Dynamic link library when I try to setup the script. It closes tribot when it happens. Super annoying!
  2. 8h straight or with breaks? and how frequent was the breaks?
  3. There's no need to delete it. The client has been updated and it now works.!
  4. can vouch
  5. I'm getting the same issue
  6. Don't know how you managed to do that. Bot clicks up and down constantly in both fishing area and banking.
  7. When can we expect a fix for the issues people are having above this post? thanks
  8. When banking at edgeville it sometimes goes crazy and clicks everywhere just outside the bank. Looks like my character is running a marathon. I had to stop the script because it wasn't able to bank. Also the bot likes clicking between the two fishing spots at barbarian village even though there's an active spot right in front. I have to 100% babysit this script. Edit: just got banned. I stopped using straight away after seeing this issue as well. Well Played!
  9. Please close this. It fixed itself with time. Took almost 1 hour though.
  10. I was using FTW premium Fishing script when my tribot crashed. I relaunch tribot and now It will not allow me to run any scripts because it says I need to be VIP to run more than one script at a time. I tried restarting my computer and re-downloading tribot but the issue still isn't resolved.
  11. Does this support med boat?
  12. The bot accepts first window when the values are correct, but then it declines despite having correct values.
  13. Sometimes the bot still doesn't detect the game has finished. Happens on rare occasions though
  14. Could you possibly add an option on quantity of items to purchase? Cheers great script!