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  1. You have to purchase premium scripts separately.
  2. Doge W


    I've signed up Do i have to make this my signature for one month for my payment? [center][url= https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15460-divica-selling-07gp-from-28m-470-offsite-vouches/] [b]www.DivicaSales.com - The answer to your RuneScape gold needs![/b][/center]
  3. Oo, not worth buying gold farmer version then? I'd be running like 15 hour a day each account every day of the week..
  4. Yes, it does happen to you; as i've experienced lmao
  5. Bot keeps losing it's way of path, banking at varrock obsliek Here is where it keeps getting stuck at: http://gyazo.com/4a4636918011906f01a3ba0e68f8299d Also, when it dies it messes up @ falador so i changed to lumbridge and it still sometimes messes up.... what's going on? Should i change my banking options? Also, do you guys bring 750 casts of fire strikers each time?
  6. Hey dude, i can do this for you rather cheap. Please contact my skype : Doge.TB
  7. Doge W

    Buy 5 bonds quickly

    Ffs, i'm buying, so sorry for confusement!
  8. Buy 5 bonds good price pls skype - Doge.TB
  9. Sold him 15k yew logs, quite a good price.
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