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  1. A few users, including me, have encountered a bug wherein, when attempting to start a script, this error message is displayed: "Since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run ONE script at a time. Please close your other instances of TRiBot to use this one." I uninstalled all tribot assets, uninstalled all java versions, re-installed, changed my password, waited over a week. Nothing works. Today I created a fresh account to confirm that it wasn't due to someone somehow having my credentials and botting with the many premium scripts I own. Same issue. Is there anyone with a known cause, or better, a fix? This bug, coupled with the "fraudulent payment" error received when purchasing repo credits is making it very difficult to use TB at all. @Mute @Usa
  2. I won't build you a web app I won't do your homework I'll answer concise questions about web programming
  3. Late reply, but I'll give my two cents. I started my programming career with HTML/CSS, followed by JavaScript. Since then, I've found picking up other programming languages to be a very easy process. Read the documentation, look at reputable open source code, build a project in that language. I don't think it matters too much which language you choose to learn first. C# is a very robust language with high market demand. PHP is also high in demand, but with plenty of shortcomings for long-term, scalable usage. There's more to learn in C#, but you can do more with it. PHP is regarded as a simple and easy to learn language, so it could be a good starting point, especially if you're a beginner with limited resources for learning.
  4. Would really stay away from this script right now, loaded with bugs, and I got a 2day ban on my very high level iron man that I very rarely bot on from using this for ~45mins.
  5. Attempting to use this currently, sits at top of trapdoor spamming fast camera movements.
  6. Cannot describe how legit TB + BoglaGold are, so here's a screenshot:
  7. I've used the same Debit Card for over a year now to purchase credits. I spend these credits on both VIP-E and some premium scripts. I was on a proxy I use for work purposes, it only changes my DNS settings. I've disabled the proxy, and it still gives me a 'fraudulent' error. I do not have the option to pay via PayPal, only BTC and Stripe. Any ideas?
  8. Would you consider bringing on contributors? Would like to add some more locations to this, and perhaps look into leprechaun support.
  9. May I buy 5 Credits
  10. Yeah, Trident of the Seas + Trident of the Swamp would be awesome. It's costly, but gives a LOT more kills/hr.
  11. Has anyone had any luck using a trident with this script?
  12. Using this on a non-iron man account now, working amazingly. Wish it were more iron man friendly, but still a great script.
  13. It's a github link, so provided he commits/pushes every time he makes an update, the link should be up-to-date. I'd test it if it were to support more than just a bronze pick.
  14. Could you please add option for burying bones?
  15. Normally wouldn't respond to stuff like this posted on gaming forums, but I've messaged you on Skype. Interested in hearing more about the project.
  16. I've botted in lumbridge with banking using Tri AIO
  17. With any decent combat script you can set an NPC to kill, a loot list, and a banking location.
  18. Smithing @ Ardougne is broken - it withdraws materials then sits in bank interface. If I click on the path toward the furnace, the script will smelt the ore, walk back to bank, bank, then get stuck in the interface again.
  19. He's helping me out with some stuff on Deadman! :~)
  20. I presumed it was. My quote is still valid.
  21. I can do this within 30hrs for 12m.
  22. Basically I need help adding muling to my script, would love to write it myself but with your help, so I can learn something, but if you'd prefer to just write the code yourself, I don't mind too much, but please comment it ^^. PM me for my Skype, or we can talk on the TriBot Discord channel