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  1. Version 0.2 (11/5/2016) - Fixed loot counter for stacked items.
  2. how to - beginner question

    Modify that, set a radius of 1. Then filter for the names discluding yours.
  3. The Ultimate Script

    @bluefirecorp Any progress?
  4. [Dax] WebWalker

    @daxmagex How is it looking in terms of resource usage when the path is being generated in that short amount of time?
  5. G-DeathRunes

    You linked the wrong script from the repository.
  6. short api question

    private RSItem[] getPlayerEquipment(String player_name) { final RSPlayer[] player = Players.find(Filters.Players.nameEquals(player_name)); if (player.length <= 0) return null; final RSPlayerDefinition player_definition = player[0].getDefinition(); if (player_definition == null) return null; return player_definition.getEquipment(); } Null check
  7. Hello, I added you on Skype. My Skype is Sphiin.x
  8. Hello, this is currently a known bug with TRiBot's webwalking:
  9. Please try deleting your hooks.dat file in the settings folder of the .TRiBot folder. After doing that, restart your client twice. It should resolve this issue.
  10. Need a scripter/dice/auto talker/pm bot

    @Childstory Hello, add me on Skype and I can get this done for you quickly and with a cheap price: Sphiin.x
  11. Hello, can you PM me and explain in more detail on whats happening?
  12. The Ultimate Script

  13. Beginner Setting up Dynamic Sleep

    This explains everything.