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  1. Version 0.2 (11/5/2016) - Fixed loot counter for stacked items.
  2. Modify that, set a radius of 1. Then filter for the names discluding yours.
  3. @bluefirecorp Any progress?
  4. @daxmagex How is it looking in terms of resource usage when the path is being generated in that short amount of time?
  5. You linked the wrong script from the repository.
  6. private RSItem[] getPlayerEquipment(String player_name) { final RSPlayer[] player = Players.find(Filters.Players.nameEquals(player_name)); if (player.length <= 0) return null; final RSPlayerDefinition player_definition = player[0].getDefinition(); if (player_definition == null) return null; return player_definition.getEquipment(); } Null check
  7. Hello, I added you on Skype. My Skype is Sphiin.x
  8. @TRiLeZ @Usa
  9. Hello, this is currently a known bug with TRiBot's webwalking:
  10. Please try deleting your hooks.dat file in the settings folder of the .TRiBot folder. After doing that, restart your client twice. It should resolve this issue.
  11. @Childstory Hello, add me on Skype and I can get this done for you quickly and with a cheap price: Sphiin.x
  12. Hello, can you PM me and explain in more detail on whats happening?
  13. Fuck.