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  1. I have 2 Dedicated servers both with: I5-750 [ 4cores/4threads] 16GB of RAM 2 TB HDD Storage 100mb/s Internet Connection $39 or 30m 07 per month. Can be configured as you wish Linux/windows.
  2. Welcome, I have also botted other games (WoW and Dofus) Hope you enjoy your stay
  3. what script did you use? because allot of the free scripts in the repo are out dated and have many bugs.
  4. You can buy them from the black market using paypal. but you need to verify your paypal with tribot to buy them that way.
  5. reserved.
  6. So I have a dedicated server, i5 4cores/4threads 16gb of ram 1gb/s trafic 2x2tb hdd. and all I have on the server is a seedbox. is it worth running my bots on the dedi? any interesting idea's about what i can use it for post bellow. Thanks - TNASBOT
  7. make sure you have osbuddy/webclient open before you open tribot.
  8. 1. Check the threads of the scipts you are planning on buying before you buy. to see if they are working or not. 2. You only buy VIP if you need to take advantage of the features it offers. 3. If you do have any issues with a scipt, contact the creator and tell them about the issues you are having, maybe they know what the issues is and can tell you how to fix it. 4. This thread is pointless.
  9. My condolences, I Have lost several friends due to car accidents.
  10. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/35728-tutorial-for-safe-botting/ There you go bud. follow this guideline and you should do ok
  12. I can do for $4 per account. Add my skype: radium.darth.maul
  13. Looking for someone to help me setup socks5 proxy's on my dedicated server. server specs: CPU Ind* Cores/threads Freq. RAM Disk Network IPv6 i5-750 3740 4c / 4t 2.67 GHz+ 16 GB 2 TB 100 Mbps /128 Looking to setup my own socks5 proxy's. - Any help would be great, thanks! - TANSB
  14. A private socks proxy is a proxy that is just for you. ie: you the only person on that ip. does not mean they are secret or hidden proxies, i would say you safe to go with any of the proxy services on the black market section. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/62-services/