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  1. *What skill you wish to be trained:Agility(50-70) Mage(10-55) *Levels required: 10-55, 50-70 *Skype (can PM): EHHPEOPLE *Agree to the T.O.S: Yes
  2. I have a bug report, this has happened to me twice today and it seems pretty common. The bot constantly gets stuck at this spot
  3. This script is really slow and it right clicks obstacles and missclicks on the option to do it. Not to mention on the gnome course if an NPC walks in front of the obstacle it wont use it, it will just hover over it until the NPC moves.
  4. Well this script is safe yes but you can get caught botting for that long each day. The scripts I have used from sigma so far are insanely good and have little risk of getting you banned.
  5. Yea I gotta say its a very good script with 1 "minor" flaw. When alching in a bank or something it will randomly click the minimap making you run around. Its very weird its part of the antiban I guess. Other than that no bans yet with any of sigmas scripts and I'm very happy with this one
  6. Used this script for over 30 hours since I bought it like 2 days ago and not a single ban so no idea what you are doing. @Alex2593 Idk why it says its only been used for 6 hours and 56 minutes. I got from 1-71 on a new account and no ban just profit.
  7. Let me just say this @Alex2593 this script is absolutely amazing and in no way is it broken. I got 1-71 mining in a little under 3 days with this script and no ban. This script I would recommend to anyone and I'm thinking about getting the magic script from Starfox I'm just waiting for someone to respond to my post on its thread. Starfox's scripts are perfect from as far as I can see and you left false feedback on his profile which you should be banned for and quit telling people this is a shit script because it is not.
  8. @Starfox or anyone else what are the ban rates for alching and stunning? Also is it any better if I just alch? I used your motherlode script and it was great no ban from 1-71 mining.
  9. Thank you for your response and I will get both USA's Agility and Sigma Magic. Just on more thing, I heard the canifis is bugged with USA's is that true?
  10. Also any good thieving scripts?
  11. @Starfox So I want a script that will get me to 99 magic through a few methods like alching or stunning and alching, stuff like that. I was looking at the Sigma Magic script(not the MTA) and it looks good I was just wondering if anyone has used it recently and could tell me what they think. Also please recommend scripts on here for skills like smithing, crafting, and agility. Agility especially because the 2 premium scripts for it seem to have all negative reviews and I don't want to pay for a script that is made to get me stuck. Also, if anyone hasn't seen it the Sigma Motherlode script is AMAZING I just wish I could use it on multiple accounts.
  12. So guys update me with this script before I buy it, is it worth buying? Also what are the bans like and how does the script work? Does it stall a lot, get stuck, stuff like that....
  13. I bought this bot and on 2 separate accounts after 2 hours of running perma bans. They were old accs that were never botted on no idea what happened. And I was also botting on a motherlode acc and that one isnt banned.
  14. Does this not support black chinchompas? Sorry if it was stated somewhere I did not see it if it was.