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  1. I can't seem to get the script to do anything, it just sits at "Initialising Script" for over 20 minutes and never actually loads the gui.
  2. Depends on the person selling them really since you can recover any account as the owner
  3. Weird as fuck Spiders task, account will kill 5 or so spiders, tab back to lumbridge, deposit all food, withdraw all the food and walk back to the spiders and repeat. ??????????????????????
  4. Script lured an attacking menaphite all the way over to the bar and tried buying wines till my character ended up getting rol'd lmao I'm done
  5. coolnamehere

    80-90 magic?

    If there was a script that just kept you login when splashing it would probably be the best way to do it without getting banned
  6. He deleted it but not his posts as the submitter lol
  7. I bought the osrs blackjacking script without realising that the script owner had all but abandoned it, I'm just requesting a refund of credits so that I can purchase something else. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/34830-february-11th-updatethievingiron-manmoney-making-spiker-blackjacker-up-to-260k-xphrup-to-120k-gphrdouble-double-hit-techniqueabcl-10/?p=639870 Thanks
  8. The script doesn't seem to be handling doors very well at Knights of Ardougne (or Guards at Ardy either) to the point where it will just sit there 'till I manually open a door myself
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