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  1. Yes, I am looking to update it. I just need an account to test with as I don't play myself.
  2. I will be hopefully updating all of my scripts within the next few days, I will keep you posted
  3. I would be more than happy to fix the issue if given an account, yes. I have added you on Skype
  4. As I stated in my previous post, I would fix this but am without an account.
  5. Sorry, haven't logged onto TriBot in about 6 months. Might look at fixing this, but haven't played OSRS in 5-6 months so I don't have an account to fix it.
  6. Floplie

    Private Script Required.

    Okay, I need a Runescape 3 script that will attempt to "crack" a bank pin. I have forgotten my bank pin and don't wish to wait 7 days, so could someone make me one that goes through the numbers? Let me know!
  7. Floplie

    I bought 6.50$ VIP, Still have to buy scripts??

    You only have access to "Free Scripts" with VIP, Premium Scripts cost extra
  8. Floplie

    [ABCL10] daxGrandExchange

    Looking good as always Dax <3
  9. This can be done, I will look into doing it over the next week, kinda busy at the moment It opens to door fine for me, I just tested it.
  10. Floplie

    [ABCL10] XPeriments

    Looking good bro, will be using this once I have done the quests
  11. Floplie

    Help purchasing script

    Yeah, you have to verify your Paypal account with Tribot before you can use it to purchase credits I do it!
  12. Floplie

    Paying for rs3 pm advertising bot

    If I knew how to script for RS3, I would look into doing it for you
  13. I'm looking forward to using this I need 55 Slayer haha!
  14. I used this to level from 10-20 to 50-75 haha xD those were the days!
  15. going to use this more than likely on my mule account once I get my farm setup