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  1. Yes, I am looking to update it. I just need an account to test with as I don't play myself.
  2. I will be hopefully updating all of my scripts within the next few days, I will keep you posted
  3. I would be more than happy to fix the issue if given an account, yes. I have added you on Skype
  4. As I stated in my previous post, I would fix this but am without an account.
  5. Sorry, haven't logged onto TriBot in about 6 months. Might look at fixing this, but haven't played OSRS in 5-6 months so I don't have an account to fix it.
  6. still looking for this
  7. still looking for this
  8. 60 Attack 70 Strength 1 Defence 70 Range 1 Prayer 70 Magic Monkey Madness + Mith Gloves + Desert Treasure Account will be created, registered, secured and membership added by myself. You can bot or do by hand, either way you just have to get it done. Middleman will be used in case of ban, once you complete you get paid. Let me know your price.
  9. Added my Skype? Yes Which Service Do you want? Pure Creation If choosing powerleveling, What skills, and to what level, Also, what price? 60-70-1-70-1-70
  10. Service Required: Pure Creation Details about the Service: 60-70-1-70-1-70 Any Estimated Time: Nope How much price do you expect: Not sure, but not alot. Your Skype: Floplie.Tribot Have you added Skype [apexplayz] : No but I will. Agree with T.O.S: Yes
  11. Online and Ready for Orders 100% Safe and Secure with NO botting involved ADD MY SKYPE: FLOPLIE.TRIBOT
  12. I can do this Add my Skype: Floplie.Tribot
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