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  1. hello @Worthy why am i getting ignoring bad data: runtime to send = 3149218, kills to send = 7, deathstosend = 0 any idea what is that?
  2. @Worthy it tells me maximum amount of instances for the script has been surpassed?? what is that? im only running it on my account it was working fine 2 mins ago.. help me plz.
  3. i cant use ring of suffering when i load the equipemnt and i start the bot it returns the ring to the bank and grabs a recoil for some reason , help ?
  4. thank you it has been fixed , cheers.
  5. there is a bug @Worthy whenever u get a dragon bolt tips it doesnt loot it stays idle till it auto logs out only when u get a dragon bolt tip drop.. stucks on "Looting Dragon Bolt Tips" any idea to fix that?
  6. hey @Worthy does it support ring of suffering (i) instead of ring of recoil? thanks bro.
  7. Im having the same problem!! why is it stoping at withdrawing when i put it to buy from barrel???
  8. hey man i just bought the script and i did set it up but its not working like once i click start it says zulrah slayer script ended i dont know whats wrong and i added you on skype btw
  9. Hey man its a nice script i just purchased it but when i type the custom loot id's the same that u have here like d spears rune and stuff it says like error with integer or something so i dont know man.