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  1. Twitch

    banned 4 botting

    no fucking way, you got banned for botting on runescape?
  2. Twitch

    Sigma Skeletal Wyvern Killer BETA (500k-1M/hr)

    melee is definitely better than range at wyverns. you get around 1m+/h with 90s stats/near max range is only like 500k/h
  3. Twitch

    Sigma Skeletal Wyvern Killer BETA (500k-1M/hr)

    i have a wyvern killer ready, might actually try this not sure though also, i recommend having at least 85/85/85. it's not worth it with 70/70/70.
  4. Twitch

    Where to buy proxies?

  5. Twitch

    3 bans under 3 hours on each account

    how much did tribot cost?
  6. Thank you so much for your help. It actually means a lot. Whether or not I win this, you've shown respect for something that the staff are just throwing by their heads. Thank you.

  7. [Dispute] my inbox is full so can't pm.

    maybe this is helps you out in any way. 

      you got my support